When talk focuses on the Chapman Farms project in south Blue Springs, it’s typically about housing and land division.

When talk focuses on the Chapman Farms project in south Blue Springs, it’s typically about housing and land division.

Monday night was about an elementary school.

The public announcement concerning where Lee’s Summit School District plans to build an elementary school has been kept under wraps for some time.

On Monday night, the silence was broken. Kim Roam, a local attorney for the Chapman Farms developer, Tom Williams, said an agreement  between the developer and Lee’s Summit School District has been reached.

The plan?

Build an elementary school on approximately 16 acres along Southwest Mason School Road.

“It’s an exciting project and a much-needed improvement to the Chapman Farms project,” Roam said.

The idea of building a Lee’s Summit school in the project has always been part of the plan, but had never been firmly determined. With the location and land availability, Roam said the area on Mason School Road was ideal.

“There is no other area (within the 800-acre development) that has 16 acres that can be used for this purpose,” Roam said.

The Lee’s Summit School District begins south of Wyatt Road, Roam said, and there had always been plans to help alleviate the capacity issue of Mason Elementary on Colbern Road.

Roam was before the Planning Commission Monday to change the lot from its original intention of 19.8 acres of estate housing to 16 acres for the school and 3.8 for residential use.

A spokesperson for the district’s architect made a brief presentation Monday night, explaining the building would be modeled after a current facility, Summit Pointe Elementary School.

Construction on the building is expected to begin sometime in 2012. It was unclear Monday night what grades that facility will hold. Voters would still have to approve funding for the school.

After questioned whether or not Lee’s Summit School District plans to construct middle and/or high schools in the project, he said he knew of no plans to do that.

Commission Member Susan Culpepper asked if residents on Mason School Road had been notified of the plan. An audience member said those within a specific radius of the school site had been notified and that no one has commented.

In spite of the troubled economy, Roam said construction is ongoing at the development. He did admit that changes have been made to the overall project during the past four to five years, including changes to housing types in specific areas and lot sizes.

“Has the concept plan changed (throughout the years)? Yes,” Roam said. “Several times they’ve been changed, but they’ve been changes the developer thought were necessary and important.”