This morning, when I woke Kelsey for her daybreak bathing routine, I heard the same comments I have been hearing for over five years.

This morning, when I woke Kelsey for her daybreak bathing routine, I heard the same comments I have been hearing for over five years.

“Am I going to DPI? They are waiting for me. I need to hurry.”

Kelsey loves her day program at DPI, Developing Potential Inc. She is educated, socialized, trained and entertained. Kelsey receives therapy, medical support, community integration and love. There is never a safety concern or worry about anything or anyone at DPI.

Plus, the DPI facility is sparkling clean and the care giving is extremely respectful. This wonderful agency is where my daughter will spend the rest of her day life. How exciting that is!

The employees who work at DPI are considerate, patient, and strong advocates for the consumers. And I believe they also have wings.

Our family has lived in eight states. I have seen everything there is to see, in reference to programs for the special needs population. Normally, programs decline in quality and safety for adults ... but not DPI.

And normally, most state and county programs have to hold numerous annual fundraisings in order to survive ... not DPI. They have managed their dollars wisely. But in spite of their conservative budgeting, with state dollars down and the economy a mess, DPI is undertaking a first-time effort, in 17 years, to raise funds.

In order to continue to serve our community, many consumers like Kelsey, and hundreds of others, who wait at home with nothing to do, and desire to attend DPI, I am asking you to support DPI’s efforts.

You can visit DPI at You can also phone either their Kansas City or Independence location at 816-252-0086.

On Saturday, May 16, from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m., Developing Potential Inc, will hold a spring gala at The Pavilion at John Knox Village in Lee’s Summit.

Brad Moore, president of Hallmark Hall of Fame Productions will give the keynote address.

This will be a wonderful evening with great food, drink, silent and live auctions, and musical entertainment. Proceeds of this event will benefit Developing Potential programs and services. Please support this event.

DPI needs donations, participants, volunteers, and sponsors.

The e-mail contact is

My daughter Kelsey will never marry. She will not have children and with her declining health, she will not hold employment. She walks in a unique manner with her walker and most days, communicates in an extraordinary way.

Kelsey has unusual medical needs and worries constantly that she will have a 40th surgery. As she ages, she becomes more anxious and depressed because her siblings have married and moved away. Friends are in short supply.

Yet, Kelsey experiences daily happiness and her lifelong goals are being achieved at Developing Potential Inc. She sings solos, paints gorgeous birdhouses, studies geography, reads books, and enjoys wonderful friendships, every day of the week.

She deserves this joy, doesn’t she?

This is the cream of the crop in Jackson County. Please help us, in service to Kelsey and hundreds of others, by supporting DPI’s Spring Gala.

Have a great week and thank you!