Gary Hisch

To the editor:
What does it take for the White House to wake up? Massachusetts, a 12 percent Republican state and a 52-47 percent upset. Scott Brown was by far the best person running, but Massachusetts said it loud and clear: Mr. Obama and the Democrats you’re out of touch.
This country is center-right. It’s not left. It’s not liberal. Obama is blind, hard of hearing or arrogant. He reads the polls, he is throwing his fellow Democrats under the bus. Thanks to Obama, the White House is going to be a fun year for us Republicans. What a difference a year makes. If Democrats continue to ram their ideas down our throats, the Republicans will take back the House and the Senate. Even on the state and local scene, it’s going to be a a good year to be a Republican.
But Mr. Obama, let me share an idea with you. I took a business course a few years ago, and one of the models was called the “tomato plant theory.” It asked, if you had four tomato plants but only enough water to produce three healthy plants, what would you do? I thought you would try to keep all four growing. The correct answer is this: Cut your losses on one and save the rest. Those four plants represent the economy, jobs, Social Security, and then fix or improve health care.