To the editor:
Mr. Simmons, I appreciate you calling my attention to your opinion (“Why no outrage over local bully,” The Examiner, last Saturday) that the Community of Christ (CofC) – more correctly the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Missouri – is bullying the small Devon Park Congregation by insisting it refrain from using an old name exclusively owned by the CofC. (See “Church loses appeal in suit to use RLDS name and logos,” The Examiner, April 27)

Your passion that the court was absolutely wrong on this issue is very reassuring. You see, I have a good friend who is very desirous of starting a restaurant about a block off the Square in Independence, and your legal views could be quite helpful.

I suggested he call it, “The ‘Old’ McDonald’s.” I’m sure you agree that the name has an excellent and authentic ring to it. He would, of course, limit his menu to items that have not been on the big McDonald’s restaurant chain for at least 26 years. In fact, he would absolutely eschew anything that has been added to their menu since 1984.

It is comforting to know that wise people like you can help assure me that big corporations, like McDonald’s, have big hearts and would never try to bully a little fellow just starting out in the restaurant business, particularly over such a little thing like using one of their old names and the use of menu items they discarded long ago.