Last week, we witnessed the appearance of the another hypocrite before a joint session of Congress. The head of the failed state of Mexico denounced the sovereign state of Arizona because of its recent passage of its immigration law. This was a shameful event.

Shameful because this man was chastising Arizona for doing the same thing his country does, protect its own border. If this was not bad enough, even worse, he was given a standing ovation by some members of Congress. This was a disgraceful slap in the face to Americans.

Every member of Congress has taken an oath to defend our Constitution and country from all enemies, within and without. This act makes me wonder about the loyalty of these members of Congress.

Earlier this week, our undersecretary of state apologized to China, which accused us of human rights violations. China of all places, which is notorious for bits of barbaric treatment of its own people. We cannot and should not try to keep outsiders from criticizing us, but when they attempt to meddle in our internal affairs, they are stepping over the line.

Why have our president and members of his cabinet apologized to rogue countries for what they consider America’s mistakes. No other nation in the history of man has been more compassionate, generous or helpful to the rest of the world than America. We are told these apologies will make other countries like us rather than hate us – balderdash! They don’t dislike us because of our deeds, but because of their jealousy and greed.

The Mexican president opposes any border restrictions on economic grounds. He can’t possibly object on moral grounds. Just look at how Mexico treats its own people. He encourages his people to migrate. He wants an open border because illegal workers in this country add about $1 billion a year to the Mexican economy. It is argued that these illegal workers contribute more to our economy than they take out of it because they spend their earnings here. If Arizona is on the verge of bankruptcy because it has to provide all the welfare benefits to these people, then how can the argument of them benefiting the economy be justified?

I believe those members of Congress and our president owe us Americans a profound apology for their shameful neglect of border security.

I believe all politics must be removed from the immigration problem for the sake of national security. We have been invaded by illegals, and we are considering amnesty. This is tantamount to acknowledging occupation by them.