Blue Springs High School

Scholastic honors: Top 1 percent; received the Harvard Book award; AP Scholar; member of the National Honor Society and earned a 4.333 GPA.

High school and community activities: Participated in chamber orchestra and pit orchestra; selected to the All-District Orchestra; member of the Benefit Concert Planning Committee; VBS volunteer and participated in Girl Scouts and Hi-Step.

1 To what do you attribute your academic success?
Perseverance and determination.

2 Who was your biggest influence on your studies?
Teachers and parents.

3 What was your favorite activity in high school? Why?
Orchestra – we were all one big family.

4 What college do you plan to attend and why?
University of Missouri-Kansas City. It’s a lovely school with a good chemistry program.

5 What do you see yourself doing 10 years from now?
Research and development as a medicinal chemist.