I heard a thud. No, it was more like a boom. I was typing at the computer at the time.

I heard a thud. No, it was more like a boom. I was typing at the computer at the time.

I knew Kelsey’s staff was here and thought it might have been her staff shutting doors or moving Kelsey’s walker. Sometimes we have a lot of clangs, whacks, and thumps around here. We’re a noisy group.

Well, I continued to type and soon realized, it was time to start some wash. That is when I found my thud.

As I walked up the hallway, I looked into the laundry room and saw red. Yes, red is the perfect descriptor.

A 170-ounce container, of high efficiency Tide concentrated laundry soap had fallen off the dryer – and the cap popped off. Oh my.

One full container of liquid Tide was on the laundry room floor. The goop was covering the floor, a half-inch to an inch deep. That gooey, messy, sticky, liquid was everywhere.

I shouted for Kelsey’s staff to help. In my haste, I grabbed beach towels and threw them onto the floor, in hopes of absorbing the Tide.

I really wasn’t thinking clearly. The towels would have to be washed and could not possibly be washed in the washer because the saturated towels could ruin the machine with too much soap. Plus, the soap bubble runoff might creep onto the carpeted hallway.

My mind flashed back in time. When I thought of bubbles, I thought about the day when the kids put kitchen sink dish soap in the dishwasher because we were out of dishwasher detergent. I’m still trying to get the soap out of my shoes.

Anyway, I had a notion to put the saturated towels into the bathtub and give them a bath. But there was so much soap the bathtub quickly filled with bubbles. I had to monitor the bath faucet and let the plug out when the bubbles hit 2 feet in height.

This was an all day process.

Add to it the spilled laundry soap slithered under the washer, under the dryer and under the linoleum. What a mess.

I was the guilty party. In fact, the night before, when I carried the liquid soap into the laundry, something told me to put the Tide in the cupboard. I didn’t. I was in such a hurry, I sat it on top of the dryer – a slick, silver, slanted dryer top.

May I conclude?

When something tells you to do it right

Even though you’re tired and it’s late at night.

Place it where it belongs, then go to bed.

Or I promise you, the next day, you’ll be seeing red.