Before the start of his senior season, Lee’s Summit North center David Kravish was talking about his goals.

Before the start of his senior season, Lee’s Summit North center David Kravish was talking about his goals.

The 6-foot-10 standout had already signed with the University of California and the sky was the limit.

But in his typical, low-key fashion, he said, “I have one goal. I want to help this team win a state championship.”

He came close.

Kravish led the 22-7 Broncos to their first-ever Class 5 final four appearance where they finished third in the state.

“We’d have liked to have played for the state championship, but at least we won our last game – and that felt good,” Kravish said.

For his accomplishments, he topped Grain Valley senior guard Derreon Parker for The Examiner’s Player of the Year.

“I won player of the year?” said Kravish when he was informed of the honor. “Wow, that’s completely unexpected. There were so many great players in the area, and I played with a lot of them on my team.

“You don’t win something like this without a great coaching staff and a great group of teammates.”

Kravish left a big impression on his coach – and it had nothing to do with the 6-foot-10 shadow he cast over opponents.

“Let me tell you something about David,” Broncos coach Mike Hilbert said. “I heard him talking about his goal of getting this team to state and that really impressed me,” Hilbert said.

“He’s a kid who’s 6-10. He’s getting all the attention in the world. He’s going to California, and he just wants to get his team to state.

“That tells me a lot about David as a person and as a player. I am so pleased that he’s your Player of theYear because he really deserves it.

“You look at his stats – 13 points a game and just over 10 rebounds – but it was his defense that made us such a good team.

“He could score when we needed him to score. But it seemed like just about every night you knew you were going to get 10 to 15 points and six to 10 rebounds. And he could block shots and change the direction of shots – and no one worked harder.

“He was a great player to coach and a wonderful young man to be around.”

The Broncos defeated Blue Springs South 60-55 in the Class 5 District 14 title game, and Kravish took the game over in the final minutes.

“He’s so tall, and has such long arms, that he influences every shot under the basket,” South coach Jimmy Cain said. “He’s a great kid. I’ve known him for a long time, and you like to see kids like David have success.”

When asked about his personal success, Kravish chuckled.

“Everyone, including my parents, wanted me to score more,” Kravish said. “But I felt like if I scored 10 points and got more than 10 rebounds with some assists and blocks thrown in there I was doing my job and doing what I needed to help the team win.

“Honestly, I don’t care that much about scoring. I want to get rebounds and block shots and get the rest of the guys involved in the offense. If everyone is guarding me, someone is going to be open and that’s going to make us a better team.”

While he enjoyed a stellar senior season, Kravish is now looking forward to the challenges that await him at the University of California.

“I had fun in high school, and I can’t wait for college,” Kravish said. “I made my visit out there and really liked the coaches. But what sold me was practicing with the team. They are a great group of guys. They made me feel comfortable, and I think I’ll be a good fit for the team.

“I’ve had so much fun at North, and I want to have a lot of success and fun at the next level, and I think I’ll be able to do that at California.”