As a senior parent I certainly understand all the costs and activities involved in the graduation process.

To the editor:

As a senior parent I certainly understand all the costs and activities involved in the graduation process.

Although I do not work outside the home, I am medically disabled and some days it’s really difficult to have the energy to even get out. Yet, I have attended the Blue Springs South Grad Night Parent meetings and tried to be involved in planning what is a fabulous option for after graduation celebrations.

It is to my dismay that in a graduating class of more than 400, there have been less than 20 parents (usually 10) at the meetings. For those of you who are not familiar with Project Grad, it is a safe alternative that provides a drug and alcohol free environment for the senior class and guests to be together for fun, games, food and prizes. Although Blue Springs High School has participated in the past, they have chosen not to the last few years. So, Blue Springs South parents are trying to carry on the tradition.

For $10 or $15, a student has a six-hour event to play at SportsCity. There are games, inflatables, the SportsCity offerings, sports, and a DJ. You can play games, visit with friends, eat great food and win prizes! T-shirts are provided for each paid entry.

Now that I have outlined the event, I need to ask Blue Springs South parents and businesses in the area who do business with students or will in the future, we need your help. We need monetary donations, prize items and volunteers to help that night (11 p.m. to 5 a.m.) Many businesses have been supported by the students and their families, now it is time to help them. I realize times are tough, they are for all of us.

To make donations or donate prize items, please contact Janet Clark at 816-228-2644 or e-mail her at or you can contact me at This group is non-profit and contributions are tax deductible.

Graduating is a big accomplishment and we should all celebrate the achievements and encourage responsible celebrations of big milestones. These young people may stay in the community and/or return after college or training. Show them you care. Your contribution need not be large, but every bit helps. If you cannot help financially or with prizes, perhaps your time?

The next parent meeting is 6:30 p.m. May 5 at Sports-City.