As the first post on this blog, a bit of background info might be in order. When I retired in '97 I explored several options with which to occupy my new found liesure hours. I decided model building and woodworking were both too limited and finally settled on cooking. I had cooked a bit pre-retirement and enjoyed it, so this seemed to be a natural avenue. It was here I first encountered the world of herbs. Then, in '04 I suffered a stroke, leaving my left side impaired. Cooking proved to be difficult with only the one hand, so I looked for other fields to occupy my time. Remenbering my brief encounter with culinary herbs, I decided to grow some myself. The herb garden developed into a full time past time and I learned a lot more about herbs. Subsequent posts will deal with various herbs, their history, growing techniques, usages, preserving and an occassional recipe. On the next post I will discuss the herb Basil. Hope you enjoy our prattle.