People who are accident prone are misunderstood. I should know; I'm one of them. Believe me, I don’t purposely try to be in the right place, at the right time, just so I can injure myself. It just happens, and, unfortunately, it happens often. The nice ladies at the nursing home and I have been referring to Dad as the energizer bunny as every time he falls, he just keeps getting up, and going again. I would say it's from being a senior, but he's always been accident prone. He doesn't like to sit still for very long and is always into something, so it's not surprising they call several times a week to report he has fallen again. Thank goodness he never breaks anything. I suppose our ability to have more accidents than the normal person could be chalked up to the fact that we’re hyper, or maybe it’s in our genes, like being short or tall. Either way, it’s definitely getting harder to recover when accidents happen. During a weekend stay at the lake, with the kids and grandkids, I managed to get banged up pretty good and still have the bruises to prove it. Some of it could have been avoided, had I given more thought to my actions, although I wouldn’t have had nearly as much fun. The nearly 4-year-old grandson is infatuated with throwing rocks, and he was in hog heaven when he saw all the gravel lining the edge of the water by the dock. I volunteered to follow him around so he didn't have to wear the life jacket his parents had him strapped in. With each throw, the rocks were going further and further, although he seemed to be leaning closer and closer to the edge. It was making me nervous so I squatted down right next to him, just in case he slipped. The next rock he picked up was a doozey, so I leaned forward to brace both of us for the throw. My face was in the way so the rock collided with the side of my nose. Deciding we'd be safer with life jackets on and in the lake for a swim. The dock had a diving platform, which was really high. I'm not good at calculating how high, but it was 11 steps worth. An uncle helped the 4-year-old jump off and he thought I should jump, too. The kids told me to keep my legs straight, but didn't say anything about the arms, so when I hit the water my underarm flab did a belly buster. Bruising the flab on one’s underarms isn’t something just anyone can do. I gave up jumping off the high dive and decided to jump off the dock. For whatever reason, and I’m not sure what it was, instead of going off the front, like everyone else, I choose to go feet first into the slip, where a boat would have been parked, had there been one. My ankle collided with the metal contraption that lifts the boat out of the water. It probably would have been more swollen, but I stayed in the water until it stopped throbbing. Besides the left side of my nose being numb and possibly a crack in my right ankle bone, I had the time of my life. I'd trade a hundred accidents to have another fun-filled weekend with the family.
Sandy Turner lives in Independence. Email her at