Impressed, that's what I thought about the Chiefs final preseason performance against the Green Bay Packers. I was tickled pink.

I'm ready for the start of the 2013 regular season. Chiefs look ready too.

I enjoyed Thursday's conclusion to the preseason very much.

Not because it was Alex Smith and the starters taking it to Aaron Rodgers and the Packers, no, not that. The starters didn't do much but sip Gatorade and root on the backups, but it was a solid performance by all involved.

The Kansas City Chiefs look like a disciplined football team. Thursday was about the details, the finer points like depth.layer jobs were on the line, final cuts happen Saturday, and players played like it. I saw pride, spirit and a team being led.

Running back Cyrus Gray, a second-year player (Texas A&M), did a fantastic job to cap the preseason. Gray finished the game with a 5.5 average per carry, 13 carries and 79 total yards. Gray did everything he could to make it tough on coach Andy Reid, I think Gray did enough.

If it were up to me Gray would stay and Shaun Draughn would go. Gray's 23, better, and has a NFL career average of 6.3. Keep the track star, 10.76 seconds in the 100 meters.

Rookie quarterback Tyler Bray was fantastic.

Not perfect, room to grow and all that, but Bray looked like an untapped thing of beauty. I can see a bright future with Bray, his three passing touchdowns and cannon arm made me think of special things. Kansas City finally has a coach that knows how to find a passer.

I saw lots of laughing, smiling, and team camaraderie on the side, like I said, a total team effort.

"If you look at the track record, Andy Reid had a great track record," Brandon Flowers said to 610 Sports Radio after the game. "He's a coach with a lot of wins and that's what we're trying to get. We just all bought in man and he hasn't let us down yet. We're all just doing what he's telling us to do and doing what it takes."

"We've believed in Andy Reid since day one."

Flowers also gave mad credit to owner Clark Hunt and said that the players know what kind of owner the Chiefs have no matter what anyone says, that Clark wants to do what it takes to win.

I saw buy in happen in the preseason, I haven't walked away feeling like that since Dick Vermeil. Genuine headship is over the Chiefs.

Flowers said the players owe it to Clark and to the fans to win. Reid does that; he gets the players to commit.

From player number one to player 53, even the practice squad. Players trust Reid. Reid treats everybody fair and right, like a man.

That's what the players say about Reid.

The Andy Reid era has begun in Kansas City. It showed in the Chiefs final preseason games, I saw momentum.

"I want to do anything that will help my team get there, so I'm definitely working every day, every week. I just want to see us to do well, so I'm going to keep working towards that," safety Eric Berry said.

Checking in is Branden Albert, Albert wants to be in Kansas City, you can hear it in his voice. Albert's learning too; older players are excited.

Not fair it took so long for the veterans to get "real deal" coaching, but good news for Chiefs fans is that most are still in their prime and newer players like Justin Houston are just getting started.

It was the most exciting fourth preseason game I've watched by the Chief in some time. Rousing because I think the Chiefs will be restored.

"I don't know about a Super Bowl," said a Chiefs fan to sum up the Chiefs preseason. "But I do know I'm more excited about our Chiefs then I have been in the past, I think big things are gonna happen and maybe we'll finally get some respect."

Yep, that's my impression too. I can't predict the division, playoffs, or something greater like a Super Bowl.

I can sign up for better, consistent, and the Kansas City Chiefs being in more capable hands this season compared to last.

I can say that.

Good day, Chiefs fans!

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