Beating the New York Giants would tie Kansas City with the 1980 Detroit Lions as the second team to go 4-0 after losing 14-plus games the season before.

Fans are very optimistic about the Chiefs – they think the AFC West title is obtainable too. Yes, even with Peyton Manning and the Broncos.

Don’t laugh, it’s happened before. The 2008 Miami Dolphins didn’t start 4-0, but did go 11-5 after winning just one game their previous season. The Dolphins won their division over the New England Patriots and went to the playoffs.

Miami lost to the Baltimore Ravens in the first round, but still, nobody picked them to win the AFC East. In his first season, coach Tony Sparano inspired the Dolphins.

Things happen – sometimes normal doesn’t apply. Teams can rise above what’s predicted. It might happen in Kansas City.

Andy Reid is the first head coach to start 3-0 with the Chiefs in his first season. Making the playoffs would make Reid the second to do that in his first season. In 2006 Herman Edwards made the playoffs with the Chiefs in his first season. It’s been an exciting year, but like Alex Smith said, there’s lots of season left. “I mean, any time you’re winning it’s a good feeling,” Smith said of the Chiefs’ 3-0 start. “You invest so much – all of us do – into this, so coming out with the wins these last few weeks, it’s great. It’s a credit to how we do things here and the way we’re doing things here, but I think we all know it’s three weeks into the season. It’s no time to get carried away with anything. There’s so much season left. For us, the goal is to continue to take steps every single week and continue to improve.”

When asked about the Giants and their woes, Reid said he doesn’t get caught up in that. He says they’re a good team.

“We look forward to the challenge of playing a good Giants football team,” Reid said Wednesday. “We don’t worry about records, we know they’re well coached and we know they have good football players, so it’s important we get ourselves right and make sure that we’re ready to play against this football team. Our guys are going to go about that today. We did the walk-through this morning before we get everyone out here this afternoon practicing.”

Chief fans hope it’s not a trap game, but to be that, Kansas City would have to look past New York. The players say that won’t happen.

“There’s been a lot of guys on this team that’s been a part of what’s gone on the past couple years, so they understand what they need to do to win a game and what it takes,” Nico Johnson said about preparing for the Giants. “Everybody, like DJ (Derrick Johnson), the older guys, they understand that losing hurts. I mean overlooking an opponent like the Giants, I mean the first time watching tape we knew they were good. We’re never going to overlook our opponent – we’re always going to respect. But at the same time we have to go out and do our job, and that’s what we’re going to do.”

The Giants are reeling after a bad, bad loss to the Carolina Panthers. The Panthers completely disassembled Eli Manning, sacking him seven times, the Giants totaled just 150 yards against Carolina.

The stats aren’t in New York’s favor – they are allowing 38 points a game after three contests, and the Giants running game is the worst in the NFL, averaging just 44 yards a game.

After last week's performance by the Giants offensive line, there’s blood in the water. Two-time AFC Defensive Player of the Week Justin Houston and the Chiefs’ front seven will definitely be after Eli Manning. The Chiefs lead the league with 15 sacks. With no running game and the Giants offensive line scrambled, I have serious doubts New York can find relief inside Arrowhead.

With “Terrorhead Returns,” fans are revving their engines, getting ready to break the Guinness World Record for “Loudest Crowd Roar at a Sports Stadium” set by the Seattle Seahawks on Sept. 15. The record breaking attempt will be when the Chiefs play the Oakland Raiders on Dec. 15.

Fans will use Sunday’s game against the Giants as practice. There’s a lot for the Giants to overcome to be able to beat a motivated and hungry Chiefs team, especially in their backyard.

Still, it’s the Giants and they’ve won Super Bowls.

“One thing I think our players know is the one thing you never do is go into a game making assumptions,” Chiefs defensive coordinator Bob Sutton said. “The best way to go into the game and the best way to have confidence in yourself is to be well prepared.”

Good day, Chiefs fans!

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