Gender wage gap persists

Lanna Ultican

Blue Springs

To the editor:

How many of us can say that our lives look the same as they did 10, 20, or 50 years ago? I certainly can’t, but that’s what millions of women around the country are stuck with when it comes to the gender wage gap and the laws that are supposed to prevent this inequality.

According to the latest data released by the Census Bureau, women working full-time, year round still earn only 77 cents on average compared to their male counterparts. Even after controlling for factors known to affect earnings, such as occupation, college major, and hours worked, the American Association of University Women found that a 7 percent pay gap persists between male and female college graduates just one year after graduation. The gender wage gap hasn’t budged in 10 years, and it’s about time Congress did something about it.

American women and families need Congress to pass the Paycheck Fairness Act. The Paycheck Fairness Act would close loopholes in the 50-year-old Equal Pay Act, bar retaliation against workers who disclose their own wages to coworkers, and give both employers and employees the tools they need to end unequal pay practices.

Those lawmakers who do not actively support the Paycheck Fairness Act are denying women their economic security and simply refusing to move forward with society’s changing needs.

Blue Springs parks

plan makes sense

Maureen Johnson

Blue Springs

To the editor:

I moved to Blue Springs from the city of Chicago back in 1999, and while my husband and I have no children, we do have two four-legged babies who require a minimum of three walks a day.

One of the things I loved about Blue Springs is that I can walk through my neighborhood directly to Woods Chapel Park, which is nestled in the subdivision of Woods Chapel Estates. There is wildlife, a pond and a walking trail which we use daily, not to mention several other local parks we visit weekly.

While this is convenient, it is in desperate need of updating, including the trails, playground, basketball court and a shelter we lost to vandals several years ago, which couldn’t be replaced due to lack of funds. I think most people are focused on the community center, which I support and believe would be a great feature for our city. However, I am definitely voting in support for this specifically so we can fix our existing parks.

I won’t think twice on the minimal half of 1 percent increase, which equals to $0.25 for every $50 spent by anyone shopping in Blue Springs to make this city a better and healthier place for all. This tax initiative has something to offer all Blue Springs residents and I hope our community supports this, we deserve it.

Extreme politicians

are hurting America

J. Ray Hunt

Broken Arrow, Okla.

To the editor:

Stupidity is contagious. Without it there would be no conservatives, a misnomer itself with many variation levels. The newest and worst is called the Tea Party. Their primary goal is to bring down the American government.

They are hit men for the deadbeat billionaires like Koch Brothers and Rupert Murdoch, hand-me-down billionaires who hate the poor and working-class Americans. They have massive misinformation systems to recruit the unread, unthinking and uncaring haters.

A primary point to know is, Conservatives always lie. They have no prophet but profit, and no God but mammon. Their other companion destructionists are Libertarians working to make America another Third World uncivilized nation without love and logic for its own people. Libertarians are Darwinist fools.

Their idol, Ayn Rand, was a pure stupid fool without any knowledge of the money distribution dynamics that creates a prosperous nation. The government is US, the money belongs to US and must be spent on US. Hoarding is a crime against God and US. Like love, it must be spread around to any good. The government must keep up with the population or poverty, crime and chaos will paralyze and kill our nation.