By Brandon Dumsky

There is a new hero at Three Trails Elementary School in Independence.

Fourth grader Deante Gorman was recognized Friday morning for his assistance in helping to save a relative’s life. The 10-year-old student was honored for his heroic deeds by receiving the Mid-America Regional Council’s 911 Hero Award in front of his fellow classmates at the Three Trails gymnasium.

On Aug. 12, Deante was at home with his 22-year-old uncle and younger sibling. His uncle suffered a seizure and became unconscious. Realizing that he was unresponsive, Deante remembered what his mother taught him by calling 911 and to give out important information to the dispatcher.

“He was able to provide his address and his mother’s cell phone number,” says Michelle Pantorilla, an Independence Police Department telecommunicator who nominated him for the award. “He provided important information that helped saved a life.”

Firefighters first arrived at the scene and Deante also answered questions asked by Fire Department personnel.

Keisha Knox, the boy’s mother, was “really proud” of her son and “glad that he was able to provide important information” about his uncle.

Deante was presented a medal by Independence Police Chief Tom Daily. The chief of police told his classmates that Deante displayed tremendous courage. Three Trails principal Robert Streich also said Deante exhibited integrity and courage – two traits which his school values.

The boy said he feels proud about his actions. He also credits his mother for teaching him what to do in situations like he experienced and not be scared. Deante was asked if he sees a future in helping people, and he responded by “becoming an inventor.”