My friend, Margie Kay of Independence shared her latest book with me, entitled “Haunted Independence.” Law enforcement and private investigators from all over the country call on Margie to help with difficult cases. She is founder of QUEST Investigation Group, which helps to find missing persons. Her talents have led to solving more than 33 missing person and homicide cases. She also is an active haunted location investigator and has tramped through many local haunted houses, cemeteries, and haunted neighborhoods.

Ricky Road runs east and west from South Noland Road to Woodson, south of Little Blue Road. The road is dark and narrow as it twists and turns up and down the hills and is famous for its Urban Legends - the scariest road in the neighborhood. It’s been said that the Legend of Sleepy Hollow has nothing on Ricky Road, because of a young girl who was killed there in the 1960s and was beheaded. It’s been reported that some people have seen her head roll across the road. One such person reported seeing a decapitated head with a horrible expression on its face roll out of the woods and under the front of the car, but when he stopped to investigate nothing was there.

Stories abound about a teenager who hung himself under the abandoned railroad bridge, and a child who was killed by his stepfather, who built concrete steps to the house the next day and buried the child in the concrete. The word M-U-R-D-E-R was painted on the road signs in front of the house where this happened.

Some people have also reported seeing a woman wearing a white wedding gown and veil, who stands on the side of the road with out-stretching arms as passing cars go by.

One evening in October 2003, Margie’s daughter and her friend were driving on Ricky Road to see if they could locate a house that was reported to be haunted, when they spotted a woman walking on the side of the road. As they approached her they could see that she was glowing and transparent, and had no feet. On another trip her daughter saw a glowing ball of light moving ahead of her.

Another witness drove along the road one evening and suddenly had a strange, eerie feeling that he was being watched, his car died right on one of those sharp turns and would not restart. He whipped out his cell phone (with poor reception) and called his parents to come to his rescue. As soon as they arrived the car started without a jump-start.

Tales abound about unexplained creatures running along side of the road, cemeteries appearing and disappearing, and stone walls that appear and disappear.

The QUEST team drove the road late one night in August 2010. A dog chased the car, however the book stated it was not a ghost dog. They saw a skunk, an opossum, and a strange cat that did not move as they drove past – now that is spooky. On the way back they saw a very large snake in the middle of the road and had to pull to the side to keep from running over it. They took a picture of it and later determined it was a copperhead. The team did not see any ghosts, but definitely got a creepy feeling about the place.

So, beware if you have plans of checking out Ricky Road on Halloween night, you never know what may lurk around the next curve. In fact, if you are not familiar with the road you would be wise to make a dry run during the daytime to get a feel for the road before going in after dark.

Reference: Haunted Independence by Margie Kay.

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