By Brandon Dumsky

Blue Springs Planning Commission chairman Ken Billups is not pleased with renovations under way at the Wendy’s restaurant on Missouri 7 near Vesper Street.

The final plat for the remodeling came before the commission at Monday’s meeting.

Billups said Wendy’s was “following the color of law, but not the intent of the law” in that the building, which was to be undergoing a renovation, is instead virtually razed. Kathleen Warman, the project’s representative, said they were “under extreme pressure to remodel in such short of time.”

Warman said Wendy’s Corp. divested their restaurants by selling them to either franchisers or as long-term leases, and encouraged the franchises to remodel. She said the remodeling was “no way meant to circumvent (city ordinances).”

Warman also pointed out that the remodeled Wendy’s scheduled to reopen in mid-November will be “very unique and modern in design,” and only half those in the Kansas City metropolitan area will have this sort of renovation.

Billups also raised concern about the walk-in cooler in the back of restaurant that does not match with the building materials. Warman said they will conceal the cooler with landscape accordingly.

Despite the objections, the commission approved the final plat for the remodel.

Lake Ridge Village, a new development

After a public hearing on vacating land, the commission unanimously recommended the vacation for City Council approval of The Lake Ridge Village development near Lake Remembrance, east of the Adams Dairy Parkway and Duncan Road intersection. The proposed project would be a group of mixed-use parcels for residential and commercial purposes.

The applicant’s representative, Greg Brown of DHM Design Firm, said the project “is at a very conceptual level” and vacating the land itself is only the first step of a multistep process. The council is expected to consider approval on Nov. 4.

Hardee’s site design OK’d

The site design of the new Hardee’s restaurant at the R.D. Mize Road and Missouri 7 intersection across from the Copperleaf Village Shopping Center was approved despite concerns of a resident.

A woman spoke out against the planned site, saying the new Hardee’s would cause traffic congestion and that there are enough fast food restaurants within the vicinity already. She also said her child attends a nearby dance studio and, with the new Hardee’s potentially increasing traffic, it could raise concern for her child’s safety when they drive.

The builders of the Hardee’s said they would refer to a traffic study and coordinate with the city to prevent traffic congestion, but ultimately chose the location saying it was ideal for business.

Small is good?

Two residential developments seeking amendments on their designated lots also won approval for their final plats.

Parkway Estates at Southeast Moreland School Road and Monterrey Drive and The Estates at Chapman Farms at M-7 and Brookside Drive both had representatives asking to reduce the square footage of their planned homes in order to attract buyers. They said that making the house plans smaller will lower prices in a struggling market while still having them classed as a “high quality home.”