Parks tax will fund needed amenities

To the editor: In the past, Blue Springs was noted for our outstanding parks, but unfortunately they have deteriorated in recent years due to lack of funding for preventive maintenance. In addition, we are the only major city in the metro area without any form of a community center.

Today when businesses are looking to invest in a community they are looking at much more than just hard financial numbers. They want a community that has the needed trained/educated workforce and the amenities that will help them attract employees. These include excellent schools, safe neighborhoods, transportation access, reasonable priced quality housing, and quality of life amenities such as parks and community recreation facilities.

One advantage of locating the proposed Community Center in the Missouri Innovation Park was recently substantiated by a national business consultant from Mohr and Partners saying that the Center would benefit attracting new businesses to the Park.

Many studies have shown that home values are higher in communities with good quality of life amenities. Thus, investing in our parks gives a return of increased property value in addition to the more obvious use benefits to residents.

I would encourage all residents to join me in voting ‘yes’ on Nov. 5 for Blue Springs Parks.

Lyle Shaver Blue Springs

Keep generations coming to city parks

To the editor: I am a lifelong resident of Blue Springs. Many times as a child, activities took place in our parks - school field trips, vacation Bible school picnic, baseball games.

While growing up, my son enjoyed the playground equipment and football practice in our parks.

Now, as a Granny, I take my grandchildren to the parks to play on the playground equipment, walk the trails and occasionally hit a tennis ball around on the courts.

Many times we have visited Rotary Park, Pink Hill Park, Lake Remembrance trail and walked the trail along Adams Dairy Parkway. I have concern about the safety due to the disrepair, rust and breakdown of equipment, restrooms, walkways, courts and curbing.

Three generations have enjoyed our parks and we want others in our community to have use of and share family memories in our parks.

I feel as a community we must come together to find financial resources to maintain our parks. Our city owns land that is designated toward future development of parks and building a community center. Families are choosing to live in surrounding cities vs. Blue Springs due to the quality of amenities offered.

This is our time to help present and future families enjoy our parks. Keeping them in good order brings safety and good health benefits. Visit to learn more about the plans for our parks.

These plans can only be completed with needed financial resources. Remember on Nov. 5, vote ‘yes’ - "Our kids, our community, our parks."

Carolyn Pittsenbarger Blue Springs

Good Samaritan gave reader a Halloween treat

To the editor:

To a good Samaritan, thank you so much for helping me at the Halloween Parade. I was trying to walk about 2 blocks and carry a folding lawn chair and a big purse that had to have weighed 50 pounds. I am 74 years old and in bad health. I made it about 1/2 of a block going up the street.

This nice man was behind me and asked if he could help carry my lawn chair. I took him up on his offer. His wife and three children were there waiting for him. I sat in my chair beside them. When it was over, he asked if he could help me again. Of course not wanting to bother him, I said no I can make it after sitting here for an hour resting. This time I don’t think I even got 1/2 of a block, when I couldn’t walk anymore.

They were behind me and he rushed up and said, hand me that chair and your purse, I’m taking you to your car. His wife and children were getting in their car. He was an angel. I offered to pay him, he said no, this is my good deed. He got me and my things in the car and told me to get a smaller purse, ha!

I was so worn out, I didn’t even get his name. Whoever you were, I hope you see this. I thank you so very, very much.

Reta Harper Independence