Two men were arraigned Monday in the apparently random shooting death of a Raytown man who was sleeping in his Jeep on a quiet Independence street Oct. 30.

Charles T. Carr III, 23, of Kansas City was charged over the weekend. He faces second-degree murder and armed criminal action charges in the death of Erik S. Schwartz. Those are the same charges filed against Chad D. Terry Jr., 19, who is listed as homeless.

Both men are being held on $250,000 bond. They are to return to court Nov. 20.

Court documents said a witness in a house on North Grand Avenue in central Independence saw a black Jeep park on the street about 12:30 a.m. on Oct. 30. He told police that about an hour later a beige SUV stopped and a female got out and checked out the Jeep, then re-entered the SUV. Shortly afterward the witness heard a gunshot.

Others questioned by police said Terry and three others were driving around looking for cars to break into when they came across Schwartz asleep in his Jeep. They told police Terry and another man approached the Jeep.

Court documents indicate Carr was the second man. The documents indicate that Schwartz was outside his Jeep when they confronted him in an effort to rob him, and that one of the men struck Schwartz with a gun, the other pushed him and then the first one hit him again and then shot him.

After the shooting the group returned to Kansas City.