Tomorrow is the day when we officially give thanks for all of the personal treasures we cherish the most: our existence, our loved ones, our friends, our homes, and items too numerous to mention. While I too am thankful for items too numerous to mention I often wondered “What if we also had a national day of regret?” Somewhat like Frank Costanza’s Festivus holiday on “Seinfeld.”

Surely, you must have regretted some decisions or situations that bear mentioning?

I can envision a television reality show called “Regrettable TV.” It would target other shows that we regret such as “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” “Bridezillas,” “Sara Palin’s Alaska,””Real Housewives,” and “Toddlers and Tiaras,” to mention a few.

We could even create “Regrettable Local TV” and regret those 15 or so weather reports within a half-hour newscast.

On Regrettable Thursday, stores that stay open would have to double their prices so shoppers would stay away, thus allowing employees to spend time with their families.

Personally, I regret coming to Kansas City from Pittsburgh to assume the position of Kansas City’s first TV executive news producer. I should have gone on to Hollywood to become a famous actor. By now I would be cavorting with Jack Nicholson or Ann-Margret or I would have been a member of Frank Sinatra’s “Rat Pack.”

I regret leaving KMBC-TV 9 News five times. I would have a nice pension by now.

I regret not going to more Royals and Chiefs games even though the stadiums where half-empty most of the time.

While I have traveled extensively, I regret never visiting Europe, Hawaii, Australia, China or Cass County.

I regret, as a reporter, standing up a date with a classy lady I so I could chase down a huge house fire. She went on to create a company and became a millionaire and married another millionaire. Even more regrettably, that fire turned out to be a false alarm.

I regret (two years in row) turning my head to talk to someone just as they were turning on the Plaza Lights.

I regret allowing my kitten to sleep in my bed, which he now owns as a grown tabby.

However, I do not regret Thanksgiving and blessings one of which is having you as one of my readers.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

I give you President John Adams’ toast: Independence forever.

Jerry Plantz lives in Lee’s Summit. His website is at Reach him at