It looks as if today will be sunny, chilly and free of rain or snow. In other words, a fairly typical Thanksgiving Day in Kansas City.

The National Weather Service, which has one and a quarter century of records for the area, says the average high on Thanksgiving is 47 (today’s forecast says 40) and the average low is 30 (the forecast says 23).

It’s been as high as 70 degrees three times (1926, 1966 and 1998) and as cold as 9 twice (1896 and 1905).

This is also typically a dry time of year, and only about one-third of the time does the area get even a trace of rain or snow. For example, in the last 50 years, a trace of snow has fallen five times, and in 1968 three inches of snow fell.

Still, many might recall 1975, when Thanksgiving arrived with 7.1 inches of snow already on the ground. Thanksgiving Day snowfall of more than a trace has only happened eight times, including the 9.1 inches that fell in 1923.

Rainfall beyond a trace is only slightly more common than measurable snow, having occurred just four times in the last 50 years.

– Jeff Fox