The following items were taken from the Nov. 23 through 29, 1913, Examiner.

n “The Patronesses of the Independence Sanitarium,” a new society, was organized at the Stone Church. The officers are President, Mrs. E.L. Kelley; vice president, Mrs. Joseph Mather; secretary, Miss Della Criley; corresponding secretary, Mrs. M.T. Short; treasurer, Mrs. E. Rannie. The object of this society is to stimulate interest in the Sanitarium, and to acquaint the public with the good work being done by the institution.

n The national Housewives’ League is making an effort to bring down the high cost of living by persuading people all over the country to quit using so many eggs. But the egg-eating habit, like many other habits, is difficult to break.

n Independence has graduated from the village into the city styles and can prove it. We have at least two soda fountains which run all through the winter and the egg chocolate toper can get his favorite beverage and a certificate guaranteeing that the fruit used is absolutely home grown and of modern gathering.

n Bridges Grocery Co. has everything you need for Thanksgiving: Celery per bunch, 10 cents; lettuce per pound, 20 cents; quart of cranberries, 11 cents; raisins, 2 pounds for 25 cents; mince meat, 20 cents per pound; asparagus tips, 20 cents per can; quart jar of sweet relish, 25 cents; sugar, 20 pounds for $1.

n The Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway Company is arranging to give a mortgage on its property for $470,000,000. This is said to be the largest mortgage in the history of the United States. It is to run for 99 years at a rate of interest not to exceed 6 percent.

– Jillayne Ritchie