Carl Antrim


To the editor:

A 2014 new year’s resolution for Obama is “to be honest with the American people.” In 2013, there was much talk about: “If you like you’re insurance/doctor you can keep them under ObamaCare.”

For three years, Obama and his administration knew this was false, but that didn’t stop him from saying “it is true.” Obama also made an “exception” to this law, without any legal basis, I guess based on his own opinion and facts. Senator McCaskill wrote that it’s OK for Obama to make these changes because he “only tweaked the law.” It appears that “The rule of law is now the rule of rulers?”

If the voters like this form of “honest government,” they can continue their way of voting. But if the voters want any honest government that follows the Constitution, they must work hard to find an honest candidate and then vote for her or him.