Alice Thompson


To the editor:

I am writing concerning the article in Saturdayís Examiner headlined ďExecution set for KC girlís killer.Ē My question is, do you think the abduction, rape and stabbing death of a 15-year-old girl, and then leaving her to bleed to death in the trunk of a car, was painless?

These men have pleaded guilty to the crime. However, Michael Taylorís execution was halted because the state used a three-drug lethal injection mixture that could constitute cruel and unusual punishment if used incorrectly. Isnít there a possibility the little girl received cruel and unusual punishment at the hands of these men? I would say a lethal injection was much less painful than what the young girl endured.

Judges seem to be only concerned with a murdererís right to a painless death. These men have lived 23 years longer than the young girl. Maybe a firing squad isnít such a bad idea.