Kansas City Power & Light says scammers are using phone calls and emails to target some of its customers.

Scammers have called, telling customers that their bills are overdue and demanding immediate payment, with the threat of cutting off service.

The utility, which serves Blue Springs and Grain Valley as well as most of the Missouri side of the metro area, says it does not contact customers that way if disconnecting service is an issue.

Also, someone is sending emails with fake utility bills, a falsified account number and company, and links to what KCP&L says is a malicious website.

Neither the calls nor the emails are from the company, KCP&L says, and it points out that customers with questions or concerns can call the company’s customer contact center at 1-888-471-5275.

MGE, which provides natural gas service to much of the area, last week reported a similar email scam that could lead to identity theft.

KCP&L urges customers to follow some guidelines:

• Don’t give out personal information by email. Be careful with personal information generally. Don’t give such information – Social Security numbers, credit and debit card information, bank account numbers – to anyone who comes to your home or calls, texts or emails you unless you verify that person works for KCP&L. Call the customer contact center for that verification.

• Don’t click on suspicious websites.

• If you have not requested online communications from KCP&L, be suspicious about emails about your bill.

• Customers can pay their bill online, but make sure you use kcpl.com.

MGE has essentially the same advice for its customers. Those with questions about a bill or someone claiming to be an MGE employee can call 816-756-5252 or (toll free) 800-582-1234.