Bill Mooney

Blue Springs

To the editor:

Last Wednesday’s Examiner, “Parks tax can’t come around again until fall” and this is a good thing. Who wants the community center, and poor budgeting equals differed maintenance.

Oh wait, a select group of “community advocates” and the council/mayor think a community center is good. Well dah, it would be on their resumes and in the city report. We’re wonderful.

Well, the scoop from the street: The people don’t want it. We have school auditoriums/theaters/fitness centers/meeting areas plus a wonderful YMCA. Who is going to pay for it? A sales tax. Double dah. That’s the people. In this economy, trying to get by, do you have extra money?

Surrounding cities our size have a community center? Who cares? My neighbor bought a new car. Do I go buy a new one? Noooo! Now he has payments; deferred payments – couldn’t afford it.

Deferred parks maintenance. You know what differed is? Somebody didn’t plan well. It’s like using your credit card to defer the payment. If you can’t afford it, don’t buy it. Don’t keep adding parks when you can’t afford to maintain them. But parks are beautiful! How beautiful? The maintenance has been deferred.

In Missouri, a city has to have a balanced budget. Blue Springs does this? In reality, the city budget has not been balanced in years. It’s all deferred. Cool tactic or what?

Mayor says, “We’ll find a way.” What now – executive order?

City Hall, learn what is really important to the people. Survey the folks going in and out of QuikTrip for a couple weeks. The people are not buying this.