The 37th Annual Blue Elk District Volunteer Recognition Dinner was held Jan. 25 at Adams Pointe Conference Center in Blue Springs. Dinner Chair Jim Beachner noted the Television Trivia themed event was attended by more than 240 Blue Elk District Key Leaders were recognized and then, District Chairman Bill Essman, District Commissioner Ken Horrell, District Vice Chair Mike Brady, District Vice Chair Chris Bradshaw, District Director Grant Dealy and Senior District Executive Ross Schaffer were sworn into their offices by Eagle Scout Ethan Freiley of Troop 161.

In a special presentation, Blue Elk District Director Grant Dealy recognized Cub Scout Cullen Hurla of Pack 692 who sold more than $3,000 of Trails End popcorn, for being the top salesman this year.

Blue Elk District was recognized by the Heart of America Council with the Silver Level Journey to Excellence Award in 2013.

The Torch of Gold award was given to individuals that have a record of rendering outstanding service and leadership to Scouts with disabilities. Recognized in 2013 were Jay Curless of Troop 332 at Blue Springs United Methodist Church, and Deborah Freiss of Pack 229 at First Christian Church in Independence.

The Silent Service Award was given to individuals not registered with the Boy Scouts of America, but who have given of themselves on behalf of the Scouting movement, but behind the scenes. Recognized for 2013 are Deanna Kampe and Theresa Simmons by Troop 266 at Oak Grove Community of Christ Church; Stan Arnold by Troop 201 at Maywood Baptist Church; Damien Miller by Pack 604 at St. Peter Methodist Church; Pam Foster by Troop 161 at East Alton Community Church; and Molly Johnson by Troop 228 at Christ United Methodist Church.

Recognition for registered adult leaders that have gone above and beyond the call of duty is the Scouter Spirit Award. The 2013 award winners are Allison Verman of Pack 282 at First Presbyterian Church; Matt Calhoun of Pack 604 at St. Peter United Methodist Church; Mark Simmons and Theodore Myers of Troop 266 at Oak Grove Community of Christ Church; April Hartman of Pack 865 sponsored by St. Mark's Parents for Catholic Scouting; Brian Carson of Pack 175 at Timothy Lutheran Church; Mary Stoner of Troop 161 at East Alton Community of Christ Church; Dennis Bell of Troop 121 at Maywood Baptist Church; Richard Gentry, William Masland, and Michelle Conner of Troop 692 at American Legion Post 499; and Dennis Martin of Troop 228 at Christ United Methodist Church.

The highest award the District can bestow is the District Award of Merit. It is recognition for service to youth both inside and outside the Scouting Program. The 2013 recipients are David Wildscheutz of Troop 310 at Faith United Methodist Church; Cheryl Duncan of Troop 692 at American Legion Post 499; Jeffrey Grubb of Troop 228 at Christ United Methodist Church; Dwight Fowler of Troop 334 at Good Shepherd Community of Christ Church; and Kevin Matson of Troop 738 at VFW Post 1738.

The Master of Ceremonies Vince Barreto was pleased to recognize the young men in the district that earned the rank of Eagle, the highest rank in Boy Scouting. There were 103 in Blue Elk District this year and 19 were able to attend. The 2013 Blue Elk District Eagle Scouts are:

Troop 58: Nathan Benefiel and Tylor West.

Troop 138: Kaleb Behee, Harrison Davis, Andrew Farnen, Kyle Millsap, Andrew Sheehy.

Troop 175: Lucas Alumbaugh, Curtis Brownfield, Alex Burroughs, Corey Johnson.

Troop 178: Timothy Bishop, Dane Craig, Nicholas McCracken.

Troop 201: Michael Bell, James Brison, Joshua Faustlin, Harley Schwarz-Decker, Christian Wilson.

Troop 203: Ryan Shupe.

Troop 206: Adam Dickmeyer, Quentin Eager, Brandon Johnson, Ty Murphy, Mason Murphy, Austin Sheares.

Troop 216: Corey Briggs, Daniel Eliason, Jacob Gowan, Bradly Howard, Grant Jeffries, Bryan Reynolds, Kaleb Schoenemann, Michael Ward, Michael Warnock, Ethan Wren.

Troop 221: Matthew Mader, Mark Pace.

Troop 226: Caleb Meek, Samuel Michell, Brandon Talley.

Troop 228: Alex Casey, Sean Crotty.

Troop 246: Elijah Anderson, Joshua Hubner.

Troop 257: Brendan Mitchell.

Troop 266: Joseph Carpenter, Levi Lamming, Tyler Neuweg, Austin Wilkinson, Ethan Zirkle.

Troop 282: Johnathan Joyce, Douglas Spencer.

Troop 310: Zane Brown, Hunter Domsch, Carter Thompson.

Troop 312: Jacob Linsey.

Troop 332: Michael Mickelson, Zebulon Schafer.

Troop 334: Steven Cox, Keifer Kolb, Shane Lank.

Troop 347: John Franklin Jr.

Troop 362: Aaron Darrah, Steven Gordon, Matthew Gordon, Noah Leith, Andrew McLean, Orion Radford.

Troop 381: Kyle Norman.

Troop 382: Kevin Basham, Jacob Reynolds.

Troop 446: Jared Banks, Adam Olsen.

Troop 492: Keven Cooper, Austin Davis, Joshua Reynolds.

Troop 498: Santonio Wright.

Troop 546: Michael Bradfield.

Troop 603: Elliot Andrick, Gavin George, Benjamin Gross, Ty Turney, Andrew Wyrick.

Troop 692: Michael Alexander, Colton Conner, Markus Gentry, William Masland, Taylor Muller.

Troop 738: Edwin Huntington.

Troop 763: Aaron Gernetzke, Jake Sims, John Stark, Beeason Van Hoesen, Micah Wheeler.

Troop 865: Anthony Deffenbaugh, Harrison Henze, John Knipp.

Troop 946: Marc Austin, Shadrach Mall, Taylor Rice, Austin Smith, Keaton White.

Crew 446: David Sampson.