Animals Best Friends

Animals Best Friends has two new very sweet rescue dogs that desperately need a home. These boys have had very rough lives and need a family or families who will give them the love and care they so genuinely deserve.

I went to the ABF facility to meet these two young adult boys and was taken aback by their need for attention and affection. They have lived outside most of their lives so they will need someone who is patient and will work with them on house training. Don't let that scare you off! The reward in this type of situation will far exceed the work!!

Kyro is a gentle baby with a coat that is a beautiful brown, gold, tan, and black mix. His face is white from the years spent outside but his heart is pure and his disposition is sweet. Kyro cannot get enough love! Kyro enjoys the company of other dogs and loves people. He is a precious teddy bear who just needs someone to love him!

Tyler is also a gentle baby with a beautiful black coat accented in brown and cream. Tyler isn't sure about people when he first meets them but he warms up to new people soon. Tyler loves attention! Like Kyro, Tyler has spent most of his life outside so he will also need guidance in a loving home. Tyler barked and howled when I quit petting him and Kyro and left their room. I think Tyler would adapt well to an understanding adult.

ABF doesn't know how these boys would be around cats but they seem very gentle. I sat down on the step outside with them and was mobbed by both of them clamoring for attention. Both boys look to be shepherd mixes. My shepherd mix, Meggie, was the sweetest dog I ever had and loyal to the end! At this point Kyro and Tyler need to be with adults or teenagers while they are readjusting to their new environment and the people around them.

If adopting isn't an option for you right now but you have a home and space where you can help, you might consider fostering. ABF would love to find a great foster home for these boys where they can adjust and learn to be the wonderful dogs they are meant to be. If you can, won't you please help? If you can't help please spread the word to your family and friends. ABF takes care of all vet bills and medications for foster dogs.

ABF has even paid for foster dogs to be trained by professionals to help them adjust to a new life. These boys deserve the best and ABF plans to give it to them.