Jamaal Charles heard all the hype and ignored it. He wasn't concerned about Seattle's Marshawn Lynch coming to Arrowhead Stadium.

The Kansas City Chiefs All-Pro running back was more concerned about the Seahawk running back's defensive teammates.

Charles had 20 carries for 159 yards and two touchdowns in the Chiefs' 24-20 victory over Lynch and the defending Super Bowl champion Seahawks.

Lynch had a typical game, with 24 carries for 124 yards, but late in the game with his team threatening for the go-ahead touchdown, he was stopped on a third-and-goal carry from the 2-yard line. Later he got stuffed on fourth-and-1 from the KC 36.

Charles made the most of his carries scoring on runs of 1 and 16 yards and averaging 8.0 yards per carry.

Q: Were you fired up about playing Lynch, with all the hype surrounding the game and his appearance in Kansas City?

JC: “I was just happy to be part of the Chiefs organization. I'm just happy to go out there and play with some great people on the team. I wasn't worried about all that, I was just going out there and trying to help my team win and that's what I really cared about.”

Q: The Chiefs started the season 0-2 and are now tied with Denver for first place in the AFC West. How did that happen?

JC: “We just go out there and play our hardest. We have the opportunity with any team that comes in to go out there like we haven't been in the past. We just have to learn how to finish at the end of the games. The defense did a great job, but the offense, we just have to learn how to finish when we have the ball. We can't put the defense in that situation where they have to close the game out – the offense should be able to close the games out.”

Q: How important was the Chiefs’ first touchdown drive?

JC: “The first drive, the defense did a great job and we just wanted to go out there and move and keep on the pedal, and at every chance we got to go out there and score. Coach did a great job of calling a good game plan; he always does. He put us in a situation to make plays, and we have one of the best coaches in the NFL. He knows what he's doing.”

Q: How satisfying was the long run after fumbling the ball away to Seattle?

JC: “Every time I lose an opportunity like fumbling the ball, I always come back harder, it makes me hungry. I made a mistake, and I want to come back and not make that same mistake again. I want to try to hold on and try to put my team in a position. They ended up scoring (after my fumble) and we ended up giving up 10 points. I have to learn how to go down. I think I was doing too much – I was trying to be like Marshawn and hold on to the ball and keep going. I just have to learn how to go down. I'm a better running back than that, and I should have just gone down in that situation.”

Q: The Chiefs have a short practice week with the game Thursday night in Oakland. Are you ready for another big game against the Raiders?

JC: “Oh yeah. I made it out of the game pretty good. We have a couple of days to recover, and I just have to take advantage of every opportunity because it's a short week. (I have to) try and stay in the training room, try and get massages, do whatever I have to do to get my body right.”