I am going to keep my promise I made to the Environmental Defense Fund, which contacted me by mail. In the survey they asked if I would do something as a member on behalf of our Earth, giving me five suggestions. I checked the box, “Write a letter to the editor of the local paper” and then mailed my survey back with $5 to show I appreciated them contacting me.

The pressing issue of this survey I am most concerned about is global warming. Many of us do not know much about global warming except a few things we hear on the news. Global warming causes climate change, which in turn is caused by the burning of fossil fuels: coal, oil and natural gas. Only one answer will work for solving this, and it is the complete change from using fossil fuels to using electricity instead made by renewable energy of wind and solar.

As difficult as this new energy change may seem, it is a very effective answer and it is being widely adopted by many nations. The problem is it is not completely accepted by those who like to keep fossil fuels as our energy source, and thus this is the crisis we are in now. The Earth has only a few years to go before we reach the point of more severe damage, which will change our weather conditions and will cause many more extinctions of plants and animals. Ultimately this will also get us to as humans if we don’t answer our problem.

We can do this now, or we can do it later, but if later we will have to pay for it and the price to us will not be nice. So we need to do it now – which is today, not tomorrow. In the USA we have two political parties that have taken sides on using fossil fuels. Many Democrats want us to take action to stop global warming, and opposite are Republicans who want to keep what we already have and the jobs it provides and the rewards it pays to the stockholders going as usual. They see no purpose in changing to clean, renewable energy even if it means many new jobs.

They say we cannot afford it, but it seems we can afford anything else and we print money with no end to it. Yes we can change to this better answer if we want to and if we understand how serious this really is for us to do so. The Republicans are now in power with our new government. We have two years left with President Obama’s support. Our two-party system has been a terrible answer for America, and China is proving that their one-party system works just fine. Look at how they are doing – unfortunately much of it bad, but they make decisions, which we do not do.

Our answer is a one-party system that is even better than China’s. Our system based upon only good values and no bad ones. The answer is we all become Republicans for our one party. If we who really care join this party and give our ideas and support it will become a wonderful party to change America and the world. There are more of us wanting good ideas rather than keeping selfish bad ideas, so we can share with our brother and sister Republicans of the benefits of what we represent and encourage to become like us instead of against us in another competing party.

Isn’t this a wonderful answer, our new one party system where we won’t fight with each other anymore and self-destruct over money? The Environment Defense Fund, one organization representing our Earth, can be visited at www.edf.org.


Martin R. Heaering lives in Independence.