While You’re Up

By Edwin S. Rice

Hey, while you’re up and kitchen bound

Please bring another coffee round.

And stop that dripping faucet’s laugh;

Cut an orange and bring me half.

So, while you’re up and by the way,

Please wrap the bread left on the tray,

And check the time and thermostat;

Let in the dog, put out the cat.

And close the window, too; I’m cold.

And there’s some clothes out there to fold

And also get that candy bar,

It’s in the front seat of my car.

And while you’re out there check the tires,

And try to find those missing pliers.

You know some popcorn would taste good,

And that would mean some more firewood.

How come you kicked that bouncing tray!

You had to get up anyway!


A Shortened Nursery Rhyme

 By Edwin S. Rice

“Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall”

– The smithereens beyond recall.

Puzzled Love

By Edwin S. Rice

You know we both had loved

Her in our youth;

But actions do not always

Speak the truth.

Then through those early years

You won her heart,

And after lovers’ quarrels

You would depart.

When you returned it was

Our wedding day – 

The woman that you spurned

Had come my way.

A marriage made in spite,

She’d not admit;

I was the happy groom

Through all of it.

Of your “Congratulations”,

I was proud – 

But was her love for me

Sincerely vowed?

The few short months

Together that we knew,

Our love was never solid – 

Never grew.

They say it was an

Accidental dose. And

As she slipped away

I held her close.

She said she didn’t love you,

But she lied – 

Yours was the name she

Whispered when she died.