COLUMBIA, Mo. – Former University of Missouri football player Max Copeland, once known on the field for his role on the offensive line, has landed a movie role that highlights what he says he's good at – acting crazy.

After helping the team win its first SEC East championship as a senior in 2013, The Columbia Missourian reported Copeland now is chasing fellow actors and pretending to bludgeon them to death for the New York City independent horror film "Casting Call."

He was cast, Copeland said, when he was sweat-soaked after a workout and walking down a city street. Copeland said he works as a personal trainer and lied when asked whether he had prior acting experience in order to get the part.

"I was just down the street looking crazy," Copeland said, "which is my thing."

Copeland, who was a physics major, was known for his wild long hair and a cut on the bridge of his nose that was continually bleeding while playing offensive line at Mizzou.

Copeland plays "Hack-man," who sports a creepy mask and one-by-one murders actors – who are playing actors – auditioning for roles in a horror film "worth dying for," the trailer teases.

So far about four scenes are finished, and screenwriter Bryan Veney is working to raise about $25,000 to continue filming.

In the preview, Copeland barrels down the dark hallway of a decrepit building after a screaming woman. When she falls, he starts hacking.

"I don't know if I'm a good actor, but I'm good at acting crazy because that's what I do," said Copeland, who carries a nail-laden wooden rod as he stalks victims on set in a wife-beater splattered with blood. "Once I did that, people thought I had really good range."

Veney said although Copeland plays a "psychotic serial killer, off set: great guy."