A Raytown woman faces three felony charges in connection with an incident just before last Christmas in which a child getting off a school bus was hit by a car and injured.

Aminah Z. Ali, 21, faces charges of second-degree assault, leaving the scene of an accident, and failing to stop for a school bus receiving or discharging school children, resulting in the injury of a child, according to the Jackson County prosecutor’s office.

It happened Dec. 21. The bus stopped at an apartment complex at 84th Street and Hillcrest. The bus driver put out the vehicle’s stop sign and activated its flashing lights. Vehicles backed up in both directions on Hillcrest.

As the last student got off the bus, a driver three cars back jumped out of line and rushed past. The car struck the boy, sending him into some bushes and breaking his collarbone. The driver, squealing her tires, sped off, but another driver followed and got the license plate number.

The boy’s father, who was there to pick up his son and saw the incident, picked Ali out of a police lineup. Authorities did not say how old the student was.

Prosecutors asked that Ali be held on a bond of $25,000.

– Jeff Fox