During the Feb. 13 meeting of the Harry S Truman Chapter of the Sons of the America Revolution, Officer Evan Bateman of the Independence Police Department received the Law Enforcement Commendation Medal, which is presented to those who have served with distinction and devotion in the field of law enforcement. The medal is intended to recognize exception service or accomplishment in the field of law enforcement. Eligibility is not limited to peace officers, but extends to the entire range of persons who make and enforce the law. This includes peace officers, attorneys, judges, prosecutors and legislators who have performed an exceptional act or service beyond that normally expected.

President Roy Hutchinson gave Compatriot Robert L. Grover the Good Citizenship Medal and Certificate so he could present it to his son David S. Grover. David Grover was in a restaurant when a fellow customer fell to the floor. He and two other men performed CPR on the customer until Emergency Services arrived and took him to the hospital.

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