This is the 30th year that the Independence Pioneers Chapter, NDSAR, has sponsored a 4th grade Trails Essay Contest in the Independence School District.

Gabrielle Lipp received First Place with her essay titled, “Sacagawea.” Gabrielle is a student in Mrs. Reed's 4th grade class at Fairmount Elementary School. Second Place was awarded to Kaydee Dwyer, a student in Mrs. Cahill's class at Spring Branch Elementary.

Honorable Mention ribbons were presented to the following students from Glendale Elementary: Bryson Carter, Nick Twedell and Braedon Collins. Hannah Meservey (William Southern) and Julian Johnson (Fairmount) also received Honorable Mention ribbons. All students whose essays were submitted received participation certificates in recognition of their efforts. 



By Gabrielle Lipp

Do you know the woman who was on the Lewis and Clark expedition? Well, her name is Sacagawea. It means “Bird Woman.” She was a ShoShone Indian. She had carried a baby on her back and also got pregnant again near the end of the expedition.

Sacagawea was born in Salmon, Idaho. She was born near the Bitterroot Range near the Rocky Mountains. Her birthdate is May 22, 1786. When she was only ten years old, she and many others were taken from their tribe. Sacagawea never saw her parents again. Then, three years later she was forced to marry a French-Canadian man. Two years later, she had her first child.

Sacagawea is famous for being on the Lewis and Clark expedition as their guide. It was horrible when they would run into unfriendly Native Americans. She would help guide the expedition through the difficult terrain. She could speak many languages. She helped Missouri by exploring and guiding the expedition through the Louisiana Territory. Sacagawea, then, had her second child in North Dakota. She had died after giving birth. She died from a horrible sickness. Later, she was buried in North Dakota.

She will always be remembered and the amazing expedition she went on. She was a kind and loving person. You can go to the Sacagawea Museum or The Lewis and Clark Expedition Museum to learn many things about her. She was a wonderful woman. She will be loved and remembered. We have honored her help with the exploration of the new land by having her put on our Dollar coin.