Fluffy the Easter Bunny

By Mary K. (Firsick) Houk

Fluffy came down from Bunny Land with his painting crew.

They got detained, and their baskets were checked for illegal eggs.

Bunny Land eggs are illegal here on earth.

They returned back to Bunny Land with Bunny Land eggs.

Fluffy and the paint crew returned later to the same woodshed,

they speeded up the assembly line... no time for cracked eggs.

They sang, “here comes the painting crew, there good at what they do.”

Happy children wait for the big day to fill their baskets, and they do.

Fluffy has a rallying call and they all hopped back to Bunny Land,

with a rabbit Visa and Green Card.

They came down white, but went back of many colors.

Have a Happy, Hoppin' Easter “Fluffy the Rabbit.” 


Victory Cross

By Mary K. (Firsick) Houk

Full force Jesus marches into full combat with his cross and defeated Satan forever.

Jesus did shed his own divine blood

Rose from the dead and ascended into heaven in full victory.

Jesus walked to his own funeral carrying his own death bed, his cross.

Painfully and lovingly he laid down on his death bed, his cross.

With pure love for all mankind.

It's finished.

He's the healer, deliverer, forgiver, baptizer.

Traditions, rituals, ceremonies, work, rules, regulations don't save us.

Only Jesus does, Son of God

Taste and see the goodness of the Lord.

Jesus last good-bye words were “I'll be with you always.”

Don't miss out this Easter

Go for the gold – Jesus our Savior

Invite him into our hearts

Read: John C-3 and John C-14

Have a Blessed Happy Easter