The Jackson County Public Works/Environmental Health Division conducts inspections anywhere food is handled, prepared and served to the public for cities other than Independence.

Blue Springs

Legend of Asia, 1853 S.W. M-7 – On Aug. 31, employee drinks were being stored on the prep tables; corrected. An employee was observed taking a drink and not changing gloves or washing hands.

Tuscany, 1800 S. M-7 – On Sept. 1, cold potentially hazardous foods were not held at 41 degrees or below in two of the cooks make tables/coolers; all out of temperature foods were discarded, re-inspection required. The establishment did not have written procedures posted for using time without temperature control and the food was not marked to indicate the time that it shall be discarded; establishment was allowed to mark the containers with prepared and discard times.

Grain Valley

Sonic Drive-In, 706 N. Main St. – On Aug. 31, the racks in the walk-in cooler have a build-up of dirt and debris.

Lake Lotawana

Marina Grog & Galley, 22 A North St. – On Sept. 1, the beverage gun nozzles at the bar were dirty. Rice was not fully reheated to 165 degrees; establishment was allowed to reheat rice since it had been 10 minutes from the time the rice came out of the steamer (as per manager.)

Lee's Summit

Subway, 1299 S.W. Arborwalk Blvd. – On Aug. 17, residue build-up was observed in the soda nozzles on the soda fountain behind the make table coolers. There was no measurable amount of sanitizer in the 3-compartment sink due to dispenser is not working correctly; manager will hand mix sanitizer and use test strips.

John Knox Nutrition, 600 N.W. Pryor Road – On Aug. 17, the slicer had food debris on the food guard and on the back of the slicer near the blade; corrected.

St. Luke's Hospital, 100 N.E. St. Luke's Blvd. – On Aug. 17, meatloaf) kept in the walk-in cooler were past its consume by date; discarded. Food held on the breakfast bar had internal temperatures between 50-54 degrees due to the unit being off; food was discarded and unit was turned on.

Unk's Burgers, 240 N.W. Oldham Pkwy. – On Aug. 18, beans that were cooked the day before were not cooled properly and had an internal temperature of 68 degrees; re-inspection required, all other food in the cooler were proper temperature.

Red Lobster, 670 N.W. Blue Pkwy. – On Aug. 21, the bartender handled fruit for a drink with bare hands; fruit was discarded. Coleslaw was being held at 50 degrees; discarded, re-inspection required.

Hissho Sushi, 937 N.E. Woods Chapel Road – On Aug. 22, an employee was observed donning gloves without washing hands; corrected through discussion.

La Fuente Mexican Restaurant, 917 N.E. Woods Chapel Road – On Aug. 22, the can opener, soda nozzles and tomato stemmer had a buildup of food/debris; corrected. Food held in the reach-in cooler were above 41 degrees; all potentially hazardous food was discarded, re-inspection required. Food in the walk-in and reach-in coolers were not dated; re-inspection required. Open employee drinks were observed stored with/above food in the walk-in cooler and with clean dishes in the dish area. An employees food was stored on a prep table with food being prepped; corrected.

Sonic Drive-In, 300 S.E. Third St. – On Aug. 22, debris build-up was observed inside the soda nozzles.

Sonic Drive-In, 1901 E. Langsford Road – On Aug. 22, there was debris build-up inside the soda nozzles and on its base.

Stuey McBrews, 321 S.E. Main St. – On Aug. 22, the dishwasher in the kitchen tested at 0ppm chlorine sanitizer; repair person serviced/repaired dishwasher during inspection. The ice machine had a build-up on the inside ceiling; corrected. Potentially hazardous food in a reach-in cooler was undated; corrected. Ground meats were stored above whole pork in the walk-in cooler; corrected.

Subway, 3380 Fascination Drive – On Aug. 23, residue build-up was observed in the nozzles of the soda fountain; corrected.

Fazoli's, 498 S.E. M-291 – On Aug. 24, food held in the walk-in cooler and the line's prep cooler were past the marked used by date; repeat violation, re-inspection required. Bags of ice melt were stored with bags of cooking salt in the pasta cook area; repeat violation, re-inspection required. Sacks of salt stored in the pasta cook area were soaked with unknown liquid; discarded.

Westside Grill & Bar, 221 S. M-291 – On Aug. 24, baked potatoes held in the walk-in cooler were past their marked 7 days by 7 days; discarded. Black slime accumulation was observed inside the ice machine; repeat violation, re-inspection required.

Chili's Grill & Bar, 1688 N.W. Chipman Road – On Aug. 25, inspectors found multiple broken dishes; discarded by manager. There was food debris and sticker residue on dishes stored on the clean dish rack; corrected. The interior of the 4-drawer hot holding unit above the steam table had an accumulation of build-up and dirty liquid; corrected.

Waldo Pizza, 1543 N.E. Douglas St. – On Aug. 28, chemicals were stored near food/clean dishes, and the soda gun behind the bar had a build-up of food; both were corrected.

Hy-Vee Kitchen/ Chef Station/ Chinese/ Salad Bar/Italian, 301 N.E. Rice Road – On Aug. 31, an open employee drink was found on top of the ice machine. A chemical bottle was stored with exposed tea bags. A package was completely sealed and fish was thawed; discarded. The microwaves along the line and the potato slicer were found with dried food debris. The QUAT sanitizing solution in the salad bar area was too weak.

Hy-Vee Meat/Deli, 301 N.E. Rice Road – On Aug. 31, per employee, meat/cheese slicers get cleaned twice every 24 hours; corrected through discussion.

Mr. Sushi, 995 N.E. Rice Road – On Sept. 1, inspectors found an unlabeled chemical; corrected. Employees were not keeping a time log of their sushi rice; re-inspection required. Inspectors observed a lot of gnats in the kitchen area; owner could not provide the last pest control invoice.

54th Street Grill and Bar, 815 S.E. 3rd St. – On Sept. 5, food held on the cold top of the sauté prep cooler were out of temperature; food was discarded, re-inspection required. The cook was observed changing gloves without washing hands; repeat violation, re-inspection required.

Summit Lanes Snack Bar, 803 W. Oldham Pkwy. – On Sept. 5, three beer taps on the left side had an accumulation of build-up on and around the nozzles, and the soda nozzles had an accumulation of build-up; both violations were corrected.


Goodcents Deli Fresh Subs, 6251 Blue Ridge Blvd. – On Aug. 24, employees were observed donning gloves and changing tasks without washing hands; corrected through discussion. Inspectors observed open packages of deli meats; discarded. Meatballs in hot holding were 129 degrees; meatballs were prepared approximately 2 hours before, so they were reheated and placed back in hot holding (temperature will be monitored.) The tea nozzle had a build-up of food/debris; corrected.

Hy-Vee Kitchen/Italian/ Chinese/Salad Bar/Deli, 9400 E. M-350 – On Aug. 24, chemicals were stored with linens in the server's area (grill) and near single service in the food court area; corrected. Open packages of deli meat were observed undated/held past 7 days; discarded.

McDonald's, 8909 E. M-350 – On Aug. 31, the sanitizer in the sani bucket tested at about 10ppm; corrected.

Sonic Drive-In, 6525 Raytown Road – On Sept. 5, soda nozzles had a build-up of food/debris; re-inspections required. The ready make table was not keeping temperatures at or below 41 degrees; re-inspection required.

– Jillayne Ritchie