Junkyard Pumpkin

By Mark K. (Firsick) Houk

This country Pumpkin Patch is on the slope of a hillside. The King of all Pumpkin's got detached from the vine. He starts to roll down the side of the slope hill, picking up speed on this way down. No going back. He lands in the pumpkin junkyard.

Pumpkins of all sizes, some lopsided, some green, half orange. Big and small.

King Pumpkin arrives and gives them a tune-up – “Hope.” He has a rallying call. The Pumpkins all stack-up large on bottom and small on top to make a Pumpkin Totem Pole. The small pumpkin grab a pumpkin vine and lower it down. Vine on vine and pull them all up. Once all up, King Pumpkin calls on all his Buckie Beaver friends to build a wall around the Country Pumpkin Patch. The Pumpkin junkyard is empty and will stay that way.

In the misty moonlight with a light frost to make them look shinny. They all vine together and do a vine dance to the sound of the wind rustling through the autumn leaves making music thanking King Pumpkin.

Vine dance, vine dance together, don't loose your vine on Pumpkin Hill.



By Mark K. (Firsick) Houk

What is a pumpkin?

This one pumpkin asks himself that a lot of times.

Why an I orange and round and roll?

Some are not really round, but a little lopsided.

I knew I once was a seed that pushed myself up from the ground.

First I was green and a little orange. Then I turned real orange and was on a vine.

I grew and waited for picking time from all those people – yeak – who picked me up and put me down.

I was not the right size for their occasion.

I will miss all the other pumpkins when we are all picked and gone for whatever reason.

So now it's time for all of us to sing and roll while we're all still out here in the country fields.

So on a moon lite night and a light frost on us to make us shiny, and with the sound of the wind rustling the autumn leaves for music, we all sang – roll on, roll on till dawn. Then we will all be gone to a new destiny – pumpkins.


Ring of Leaves

By Mark K. (Firsick) Houk

Roll the drum's as the leaf shower is on.

Orange, yellow, brown are tumbling to the ground.

The beauty of them all mixed together makes a splendor of colors of the warmth of nature with the wind swirling through them all together.

Listen to the sound of leaves talking and making the sound of music to the rustling sound together.

The little orange, yellow and brown leaves have a tingling sound like wind chimes.

Night falls and with the moon out it's time for small and big creatures to scour the earth floor for food.

The sound of their paws crunches the leaves as a cloud or two passes by the moon.

The melody is awesome.

Thank you leaves for the shade you gave us all for a time.

Fly away colorful leaves.