The Jackson County Public Works/Environmental Health Division conducts inspections anywhere food is handled, prepared and served to the public for cities other than Independence.

Blue Springs

• Burritos To Go, 1610 S. M-7 – On Oct. 23, foods were held several days past their discard date; discarded. Containers of food were not labeled with the discard date; corrected.

• Elks Lodge 2509, 100 N.E. Brizendine Road – On Oct. 23, multiple containers of food were not labeled with the discard date; discarded.


• Fort Osage High School Soccer Concession, 2101 N. Twyman Road – On Oct. 20, a food worker was using bare hands to put cheese on burgers; discarded.

Lee's Summit

• Do Drop Inn, 22 S.W. 3rd St. – On Oct. 18, a bottle of alcohol had a fruit fly floating in it; discarded.

• Sharkeez, 17 S.W. 3rd St. – On Oct. 18, the nozzles on the soda guns had an accumulation of build-up; corrected.

• Spin! Neapolitan Pizza, 1808 N.W. Chipman Road – On Oct. 20, the nozzle on the soda gun at the bar was dirty; corrected.

• Siki Japanese Restaurant, 601 N.W. Blue Pkwy. – On Oct. 24, an employee was eating over the top of the prep counter in the kitchen, and an employee drink was sitting on prep table in the sushi bar did not have a lid or straw; corrected. Employees were not washing their hands before working with food or after eating; corrected. Live and dead roaches were observed in the kitchen; re-inspection required. Employee medicines were found throughout the kitchen on shelves with establishment foods; corrected. Chicken was stored above fish and in contact with a container of vegetables in the small reach-in cooler and a package of squash was stored on same shelf with raw fish in walk-in cooler; repeat violation, re-inspection required.


• Jeong's Canton Chinese Restaurant, 5238 Blue Ridge Blvd. – On Oct. 20, sanitizer was not being used on food contact surfaces; corrected. Food stored in the reach-in cooler was above 41 degrees; owner stated that cooler had worked that morning, so food was moved to the freezer; re-inspection required. Cooler must be repaired or removed.

• MaMa China, 6623 Raytown Road – On Oct. 24, chlorine sanitizer in sanitizer bucket tested at more than 100 ppm; corrected. An open employee beverage can was stored in a reach-in cooler above food; corrected.

Unity Village

• Unity Inn, 1901 N.W. Blue Pkwy. – On Oct. 19, chemicals were stored on counters with single service and food, and opened lunch meats/prepared items were stored undated; both violations were corrected.

– Jillayne Ritchie