WHAT: Truman High School presents “All My Sons,” a dramatic play by Arthur Miller (1947), directed by Ron Meyer, Kerry Chafin, Cole Estes and Krysta Warren and produced by special arrangements with Samuel French, Inc..

WHERE: Performing arts center at Truman High School, 3301 S. Noland Road, Independence.

WHEN: 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday. The show opened Wednesday.

HOW MUCH: Tickets are $8 in advance (purchase at the school) or $9 at the door.

WHAT'S THE SHOW ABOUT: The show, Miller's first big hit on Broadway, examines how far would a man go to protect his family, his interests, and his legacy Joe Keller, the patriarch, desperately wants to secure and maintain the financial security and legacy he spent so many years building, ready to hand it down to his surviving son Chris in the post-war Midwest. At the same time, Joe’s wife Kate is still waiting for their eldest son Larry to return from World War II, determined that he is alive and will marry the former girl-next-door, Ann – the daughter of Joe’s former business partner who is sitting in prison, punished for Joe’s crimes. To complicate this family drama, Chris and Ann are in love and want to get married. Based on a true story, Miller's play creates a post-war American family in a tragic downfall of lies, greed, love and loss, and demands its audience examine their own social responsibilities to all the sons of American wars. (from stageagent.com)


Character: actor

Dr. Jim Bayliss: Mark Daneiel

Joe Keller: Mark Williams

Frank Lubey: Cole Mountain

Sue Bayliss: Hadley Brillhart

Lydia Lubey: Paige Gonzales

Chris Keller: Brock Bristow

Bert: Hunter Arnote

Kate Keller: Lizzy Deiter

Ann Deever: Kaylan Rowland

George Deever: Dax Hawley

– Compiled by Mike Genet