Have you been out to the airport lately? I have, as both a traveler and a picker-upperer, and it’s all quite depressing really.

I know “everybody” says we must have a one terminal airport, but I really don’t know that “everybody” encompasses a lot of the citizens of Kansas City who rather like our user-friendly facilities. I know I do. Oh, I realize it’s all a bit dated and possibly even a little quaint, but finding an easier airport to use is a tall order in my book.

Until recently, of course. Once the idea of building a new one grew teeth, I think the government of our fair city decided the upkeep on our existing one became all a bit of a bore and too hard and was allowed to fall off the budget entirely.

The restroom facilities are nothing short of appalling. I’m surprised they’re even cleaned regularly these days. Bolts are missing from doors, latches don’t latch, and partitions are becoming warped and rotted. It’s bad enough for we fine citizens, but I would hate to think what a visitor’s vision of Kansas City is if this is their first impression.

I know the new airport will have every available bell and whistle with lots of restaurants and concourse shopping, which will be quite welcome as what is on offer now is horribly shabby, undermanned and dreary.

And my dears, do not get me started on the traffic. Orange cones are the décor du jour. If you want to go to Terminal C, you now have to get in the left lane, thus avoiding turners at Terminal B, but then pretty smartly have to zap over to the right lane to get to the entrance of C. When you do go for a bit of a zap, it becomes evident that there is a possibility of traffic somehow sneaking in on your right as well, so there is all manner of potential crises in your future if you don’t pay very close attention. God help those who don’t know the system.

No longer can you easily cruise round and round the terminal while you’re waiting to pick up a passenger. You now have to follow airport exit signs and go all the way out to Paris Street before you can get off and come back on to the road leading to the terminals.

From what I hear, the traffic situation is going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better too.

And having bemoaned all this – and I do so hate to be a bemoaner – it could be nigh-on acceptable if the new airport would miraculously appear in six months. But, I’m afraid, nay, nay.

The new joint isn’t due to open until “early 2023.” Now we all know the best laid plans of mice, men, government and construction don’t always go to plan, so let’s be generous and figure the summer of 2023 might be the grand opening. May I discreetly point out, dear people, that this is three or more years away from this very date.

Let’s not abandon our happy little horseshoe airport too soon, shall we dear city government?

Annie Dear lives in Lee’s Summit. Email her at anniedear@icloud.com.