A regular Thursday feature in The Examiner is 5 Things to Do, highlighting upcoming community events. With virtually all community events canceled or postponed at the moment, we asked our readers for ideas on things to do while at home for a few weeks:

Their responses on Facebook included:

• Kelly Mayo Stoll: Learn to use the online library system to read ebooks and mags, watch videos, listen to music, and (my favorite) listen to audiobooks.

• Susan Steve Cresswell: We just started a 1000-piece puzzle.

• Deanna Cox Rittel: Start some garden vegetables indoors and then transplant them outside once the weather warms up. Always fun watching something grow from a seed, taking care of it and reaping the reward of all their work.

• Mary Kay Speaks: Pick up litter around your home (then wash your hands.) Add #indeptrashtag to photos you post.

• Karen Hawley: Easy recipes to teach your kids who are stuck at home from school.

• Carlos Moreno: Find stuff to make a fairy garden. Walk around the yard and neighborhood. Dig in the garage and basement. Start a Facebook page where you share your garden and others can see and comment on your work.

• Beth Cline:

1. Do some family mystery solving. You might be surprised who your ancestors are. Lots of online ways to look things up.

2. Have a quilting bee. Invite two or three ladies over to quilt together or crochet. Better yet teach a child a fading craft!

• Kathleen Biswell Liggett: Take free online classes.

• Jennifer Wallace: put together puzzles, play board games and card games, do some coloring, do some word puzzles or sudoku puzzles, start a journal

• Sheri Avery: Spend quality time with family.