Nothing should ever be taken for granted. Whether it’s our freedom, job, love life or most importantly, our health – nothing in life is guaranteed. This worldwide crisis has put a lot of things into perspective for a lot of people.

It gives me great pride to see our country, in a time of need, come together for the greater good. It’s scary because we don’t know. We don’t know if we’re going to get sick, if schools will stay closed, if our work will stay open or what the future holds. I have no doubt our medical society will not let us down. They’ve made so much advancement in medicine, we consider the 60’s now to be midlife.

We are a hurry up and fix it society, so we’re anxious to know it’s going to be OK. Just like when we have a medical need we turn to the doctor and demand an answer. The same applies here, but we have to be patient, heed to the advice of the experts, and do what is needed from us to get rid of the nasty bug.

Over the past few weeks, instead of being divided, the entire country has one enemy – the coronavirus. Even though the press conferences seem so intimidating – with new information coming every 12 hours – think about how fortunate we are to be living in a country that has the capability of putting together a comprehensive plan to save peoples’ lives, and most importantly, wants to share it with us.

Our daily lives have been interrupted and, as Americans, this isn’t something we are used to. Think of the millions of people in other countries whose lives are interrupted daily because of a war being fought in their backyard, or they live in a society where they aren’t given information and have to live in the unknown every day.

We are a society which isn’t used to being told what to do, or not do. Our first instinct is to rebel because we are freedom fighters. This isn’t one of those times. If we are going to stand united against this illness we must do what they ask of us. It’s going to suck, every bit of it, but we have to do what they ask if it’s going to make any difference.

With so much negativity surrounding us I’ve made a list of positives we could gain from the current situation.

There’s no excuse not to exercise – we now have plenty of time.

We will have an abundance of toilet paper on hand to play” wrap the mummy” game at Halloween.

Families can return to eating dinner together.

Spring cleaning will never have been done better.

We could all learn yoga and how to meditate.

With so much time to spend on technology maybe our cell phones can be put down and people will start talking to each other again.

If nothing else the virus will go down in history as the reason we all went back to some of the basics in life: pause and reflect, accepting slow progress, knowing your values and being mindful of other peoples’ personal space.

Forget the toilet paper … stock up on chocolate chip cookies.

Sandy Turner lives in Independence. Email her at