No point saying “April Fools” is there? I highly doubt a practical joke at this moment would lift the spirits, now would it? Rather, it would go over like the proverbial lead balloon or like opening a beer in church.

But here’s a little bit of a bright spark for you to ponder. Thank heaven for the internet.

So, I’ve amassed some deep and meaningful knowledge for you, not about a cure for this dreaded curse, not about what politicians around the world are doing, but about a few things that might bring you some joy. So I will impart this to you, and the advice, and the following, are all for the fabulous price of free.

As you know, my darling madam lives 10,000 miles away, and so we have to communicate not only telephonically, but visually as well. Over the years, we’ve used Skype, which is pretty good, but I’ve come across something better, and all because I have to work remotely from home. So, we now have real time video chats through a site called Zoom. I thoroughly recommend it.

For the game players out there, Words with Friends is the best for the Scrabble buff, and I have a cribbage, gin and backgammon app on my phone so I’m never without anything to do.

Golfers? I’ve got you covered. WGT is the absolute cracker for you. The graphics are incredible, and you can play courses around the world – St. Andrews, Royal St. George, Pebble Beach, Chambers Bay – you name it, it’s probably there. Sir and I have been playing for years, and I’ve already filled one notebook with our game scores and am now well into our second.

Bridge players are suffering severe withdrawal as there is no live bridge to be had. But take heart – BBO is the site for you. If you remember 20 years ago when I first started writing this erudite epistle, Sir and I met playing bridge online, and we still play every day in tournaments sanctioned by the American Contract Bridge League.

YouTube is always a great source for some fun videos, and let us never forget the wonder that is the E-Book. I have, I’m almost embarrassed to say, amassed a library of about 1,400 books, all very tidily stored in my I-Pad, and like dear old friends, I can visit with them often and love re-reading old favorites.

Lord alone knows I haven’t sunk so low as to do anything remotely useful. I haven’t had the burning desire to spring clean the drapes – or indeed Sir so far, and while I had a ridiculous new year urge to de-clutter the house, I must say I will probably be reduced to a pile of smoldering ashes before I actually get off my capacious bottom to do so.

So, take heart, dear reader, there is some fun to be had out there, and a great deal to be thankful for.

Just takes a bit of digging to find it, sometimes, but it’s there. We’ll get through this, hopefully stronger and more united than we have been of late.

Although, if we listen to the politicians, it does give me pause for thought.

Annie Dear lives in Lee’s Summit. Email her at