Since being grounded to home I have seen some hidden blessings.

First, I have met neighbors who I never would have met without the quarantine.

I’ve introduced myself to the neighborhood families who have walked by my house.

I met a family of seven, a family of five, two retirees, and one grandma and her sister on their scooters.

Doesn’t it make you feel good to know who your neighbors are?

Second, many homes and yards are looking pretty good, actually picturesque.

During my daily strolls, I observed one neighbor with a dozen power tools, working in his driveway. I swear he’s been out there for a month.

From what I could tell, between his electric saw, circular saw, drill, sander and his framing gun, I think he’s building an ark. Nevertheless, he sure is having fun.

Third, some thrift store is missing out on huge donations. One of the neighbors placed her surplus out front and posted a “free” sign.

I’ve observed bikes, desks, spare tires and infant walkers loaded into cars.

I should really be doing the same. In the back of my garage, I still have the kids’ baby crib and dresser.

I purchased both of those Bassett wonders 44 years ago. I really need to dispose of them. Each of the kids used the crib railing for teething, and their itty bitty teeth marks are still there.

Excuse me for a moment. I need to grab a hanky. It’s just such a sweet memory.

Fifth, everyone out there looks rested.

I swear none of us get enough sleep. And what happens when we don’t get enough sleep?

According to, you get sick. Your heart suffers. Your cancer risk increases. You can’t think and your mood changes.

You get high blood pressure. You have poor balance. You forget stuff. You gain weight. Your risk of diabetes increases. You’re accident prone.

Sleep is important. Take naps while you are quarantined and see how you feel.

A sixth blessing is technology.

My first computer class in high school was in 1968. The class computer was the size of my hall bathroom. My teacher’s name was Mr. Binary.

During the quarantine, I have connected to my granddaughter Brooke via Duo. Brooke’s cute little ring comes in several times a day. So, we can talk by video.

It’s good because I'm getting the important stuff from Brooke.

Her dad Cameron helped Brooke build a chair. I also watched Brooke help clean her sister’s bedroom.

One day Brooke gave me makeup tips with her mom’s makeup. Mom was at work.

I have also learned about Zoom web conferencing. This is incredible. Several people can video conference together. My grandfather would roll over in his grave.

Last but not least, this is number 7.

Not that I have grey hair, or ever had. But, I’m worried that some grey hair may come in.

Lest, grey hair comes in, I looked into ordering a temporary spray, for curbside pickup.

There were various choices including chocolate brown, golden brown, mushroom brown, violet rose, toffee, chestnut brown, brunette, rose gold, and honey blonde.

I’m simply going to wear a hat.

The best part of no hair stylist is ... I’m saving money, lots of money, heaps of money. I can extend my patio.

Friends, there are good things happening, all around us. Look for them.

May I narrow this down for you?

During the quarantine,

We can . . .

Join a neighborhood chat,

Improve your flat,

Take a few naps,

Lose some fat,

Try a new format,

Donate this or that,

Wear a cute hat

Now, that’s a wrap!

Diane Mack is coordinator of Putting Families First, Jackson County's Family Week Foundation. Email her at