Owner Neda Carnes wears many hats at Trinity Wellness in Blue Springs.

She is a licensed massage therapist, certified personal trainer, and health and wellness coach.

With the coronavirus pandemic forcing the world to think outside the box, she is now a virtual coach and instructor.

"When this is all over," Carnes quipped, "everyone is going to need a massage, including me, but for now, we're offering as much as we can over the internet.”

“And you know something? It's really working. I've been getting a tremendous response from our clients, and we're doing what we used to do in the studio online."

When stay-at-home orders were announced, Carnes was forced to let many of her team of 12 staffers go, with the hope that one day she could bring them back.

"I was blindsided by this, just like everyone else," said Carnes.

"We closed our doors on March 17. It was such a terrible day I didn't even realize it was St. Patrick's Day until someone told me.”

"So I took four days for reflection, to try and figure out a way we could keep the business going and offer our health and wellness services. I thrive on challenges, and this was the biggest one I had to deal with since I opened the business nine years ago.”

"So I started brainstorming ideas, trying to find a way to make it work – and one day I found it. We had to go virtual. Now, we're not offering virtual massages, but we are offering virtual classes, coaching sessions and a way to purchase holistic health and wellness supplies virtually."

It's been so successful that she has been able to bring back some staffers.

"We offer one-on-one coaching sessions, just like they were in the studio. I had no idea what this would be like in the beginning, so I contacted five or six close friends/clients and did sessions with them, so, if I messed up, they would forgive me and give me the chance to work out all the kinks.”

"This shutdown has forced me to re-think and re-structure my business model. I'm hoping that customers will buy their products from local businesses, rather than Amazon or a big-box store because of the personal touch we can add. I've visited with the Blue Springs Chamber of Commerce to make sure I am doing things right as a member of the business community, and it's all coming together.”

"I like to connect with people and teach them what I know about holistic health remedies. It's a scary time, and I want to make it less scary and stress-free for anyone who needs something we can help with."

To reach Carnes call 816-350-9404 or go to trinitywellnesskc.com.