Peregrine falcons are acrobatic, high-speed fliers who choose to nest on places high above the ground. These birds are an endangered species in Missouri, but their numbers have been increasing in recent years thanks to nest boxes placed on high places in urban areas.

The Missouri Department of Conservation has placed nesting boxes atop the American Century Investment office building in Kansas City, on the smokestacks at Evergy’s Iatan and Hawthorn power plants, and at the offices of the law firm Shook, Hardy & Bacon in Kansas City.

Eggs have been laid in these nest boxes, and the chicks should hatch in mid-May. The parent falcons take turns incubating eggs and leaving to hunt pigeons or other food. The chicks grow quickly and should leave the nest sometime this summer.

A webcam is located in the nest on the American Century Investment building and you can watch one falcon family at

– Submitted to The Examiner