Hey, it’s track season, and I enjoy track. It’s a great activity where the athletes actually know when and where they’ll compete.

It’s not like football, soccer, basketball or baseball where the player waits, hopes, and prays, they’ll get in the game.

Sad that track is on hold this year with the virus threat.

Track is a sport, isn’t it?

According to Wikipedia, “Track and field is a sport which includes athletic contests established on the skills of running, jumping, and throwing.”

In addition, track and field is one of the oldest of sports and was often held in conjunction with religious festivals, as with the Olympic Games of ancient Greece.

Enough of the history stuff. I’d like to stop right here and mention that, my children never beat my high school track record. Anyway, I have attended dozens of their elementary, middle school, high school and college track meets.

I have seen all ends of the track spectrum, too.

Let’s begin with Kelsey, my special-needs daughter. She loves Special Olympics, especially track and field. Even with a four-legged walker, she is very fast, although she has a slight problem.

When she’s competing in a race, and she see someone she knows, she’ll stop and talk to them. She could be 20 yards ahead of anyone in her heat, but she doesn’t think about that.

Nope, she feels that visiting a friend who is standing next to the track is far more important than winning a race.

She’s really cute out there, no matter what she is doing.

Oh, I’d like to stop right here, and mention once again that my children never beat my high school track record.

OK let’s move onto my other daughters.

I don’t think there’s enough money in Luxembourg for my girls to run long distance or even short distance. They tried but it messed up their hair and shins. However, I still love them.

I’d also like to mention that my daughters never beat my high school track record.

Moving on to my sons. All four of them ran track. They ran in elementary school, middle school, high school and college. I loved them in the 4X2, the 100m, the 4X4, the long jump, high jump, javelin and pole vault.

Some of the boys broke their middle school and high school records. But, not one of them broke my high school record.

Have I mentioned that, yet?

My final thoughts on track are the following. First, you won’t sit the bench.

Second, what you measure, you will improve. Third is speed kills.

I believe it is time to brag.

I grew up in Pa. I ran track, nearly a hundred years ago, in both junior high and high school.

Back then, there weren’t a lot of sports’ choices for girls. In my high school, we had the option of field hockey, gymnastics, swim team and track.

Anyway, my junior year, the girl’s P.E. teacher, Mrs. Frank, had each girl run the 100-yard dash. She timed us. There were five heats. The top winner, of each heat, had to run against the other winners at the end of class.

When I won in the final race, Mrs. Frank came up to me and said, “Diane, you just broke the boys’ P.E. class record. You ran the 100,in 10.4”.

May I conclude?

My kids were fast

At their track meets,

The girls looked good,

Kelsey stopped to greet.

The boys did well

Mama Mack agrees.

But remember kids . . .

“I had the fastest speed!”

Diane Mack is coordinator of Putting Families First, Jackson County's Family Week Foundation. Email her at Director@jacksoncountyfamilyweek.org.