Since tomorrow is Mother’s Day, I decided to pull up something my daughter Kortney wrote for a talk for Mother’s day in 2004.

Kortney no longer lives at home. She was married 12 years ago.

Therefore, I feel that whatever I find on the computer is mine, correct?

So, Kortney, here you go. Thank you for writing this, and also giving me the day off.

“She is a teacher, a friend, a counselor, a drill sergeant, a nurturer, a taxi driver, an ATM machine, and a loving hand, but there is no word that can describe her other than, a mother.

“In a world that is only focused on careers, material things, and money, how can the young women of today gain the attributes needed to be the mothers of tomorrow?

“As daughters of God, we can learn from different leaders of what a mother should be and do.

“Julie B. Beck stated, “To nurture and feed children physically is as much an honor as to nurture and feed them spiritually. A mother is ‘not weary in well-doing" and delights to serve her family, because she knows that ’out of small things proceedeth that which is great.’

“In today’s world that is not a popular thing. The world is focused on temporal success instead of spiritual success.”

To go even farther, the world seems to want to prove that women can do anything men can do.

“Former U. S. Secretary of Agriculture Ezra Taft Benson stated, “You women were not created to be the same as men. Your natural attributes, affections, and personalities are entirely different from mans. They consist of faithfulness, benevolence, kindness, and charity. They give you the personality of a woman. They also balance more aggressive and competitive nature of a man…

“We do not doubt that women have both the brain power and skill and in some instances, superior abilities to compete with men. But, by competing they must, of necessity, become aggressive and competitive. Thus their attributes are diminished and they acquire a quality of sameness with man.”

“I also believe that a women’s role is both sacred, and divine.

“Not only have I learned from leaders and reading the scriptures, but I have learned from my own mother and other mothers I admire.

“From day one, my mom has always been there for me. She is my backbone in everything I do. I have learned how to love and serve others through her.

“There has never been one track meet, dance performance, choir concert, or sporting event that my mom hasn’t been there, cheering. She is my number one fan and always makes me feel special. She truly does put her family first.

“With all she goes through she stays strong in her faith and she continually shows me how Christ is the center of our home.

“My sister, Ashley has also had the opportunity to start a family of her own.

“About two months ago Jeremy and I went to Idaho to visit Ashley and her husband Cameron. We both saw the love they had for each other as well as for the baby still inside her.

“While I was there I learned that no matter how many times you throw up, it will all be worth it in the end.

“Ashley has always been an amazing example to me. But to actually see her expecting a new life is a true testament of how much mothers go through to have children.

Julie B. Beck also stated, “Female roles did not begin on Earth, and they do not end here. A woman who treasures motherhood on Earth will treasure motherhood in the world to come.

In Matthew 6:21, it reads, ‘For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”

Thank you Kortney, I love you, Mom

Diane Mack is coordinator of Putting Families First, Jackson County's Family Week Foundation. Email her at