It’s sad when someone abandons an animal. The person who dumped the animal is guilty of animal abuse and neglecting an obligation to care for the animal. The poor animal is confused and sad. It doesn’t understand why it suddenly lost its home and family.

Coco was one of these abandoned animals. He is a beautiful Australian cattle dog who is 2 years old. Coco is very intelligent. He knows sit, down, shake, stay, high five and roll over. Coco has a sweet disposition and is very affectionate. He loves to go for car rides, play ball and go on walks.

Coco needs an active family that will give him plenty of exercise. He needs interaction to keep him from getting bored. Coco would be a great dog for agility or other activities.

If you lead an active life and think that Coco would be a great dog for your family please go to our website and complete an application. ABF does home visits and two-week trials to be sure that the animal and family are a good fit.

Animals Best Friends is focusing on its outreach program, which helps pet owners with spay/neuter operations, food, kennels, bedding and other needs. If you wish to donate or need help please call ABF at 816-254-8664.